Chapter 15

Ten Essential Tips for Investing Success


Making the best investing decisions

Fitting your investments into your overall planning

Investing appears to be complicated and complex. But if you can take some relatively simple concepts to heart and be sure that you adhere to them, you can greatly increase your success.

In this chapter, I present my ten favorite, time-tested principles of investing success. Following these principles will pay you big dividends (and capital gains) for many years to come.

Regularly Save and Invest 5 Percent to 10 Percent of Your Income

Unless you enjoy a large inheritance, you should consistently save 5 percent to 10 percent of the money you’re earning. When should you start doing this? I say, as soon as you begin earning money on a regular basis.

Preferably, invest through a retirement savings account to reduce your taxes and ensure your future financial independence. You can reduce both your current federal and state income tax bills (on the contributions) as well as these ongoing bills (on the investment earnings).

The exact amount you should be saving is driven by your goals and by your current financial assets and liabilities. Take the time to crunch some numbers to determine how much you should be saving monthly.

Understand and Use Your Employee Benefits

The larger the employer, the more likely it is to offer avenues for you to invest conveniently through payroll deduction, and with possible tax benefits and discounts. ...

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