Chapter 18

Ten Things to Know about Investing Apps


check Understanding the limitations, drawbacks, and strengths of investing apps

check Recommending the best apps

Most apps are offered by existing larger companies as another option for their customers to connect to and interact with what they offer. And, of course, companies would love for you to use their apps so they can continue to promote themselves to you and ensure that you remain a loyal customer. The investment companies you do business with — banks, mutual fund companies, brokerage firms, and so on — are no exception.

That said, you can also find some apps offered by smaller, start-up companies that solely exist online and perhaps even only as an app. You don’t need me to tell you that you should be skeptical and extremely careful with such enterprises, for reasons I discuss later in this chapter.

Over time, the best new firms emerge and help improve the overall financial landscape and your options. But I don’t want you to be some small company’s guinea pig. Given the choice between a start-up and a longer-standing, proven, successful investment company with good customer service, I bet you can guess which one will get my investment dollars.

With that as background, in this chapter, I offer advice for how to make the ...

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