You might be wondering why you need a book like this one to help you invest online. After all, if you're looking for information about investing online, you can certainly type investing online into a search engine and get thousands of search results.

But that's the problem. You'll get thousands of search results. Some of the sites you'll find using a search engine might have secret agendas and push financial products hazardous to your goals. Yet other sites offered up by a search engine might be filled with bad information, causing you to unknowingly make poor investment decisions. Worse yet, you might stumble on fraudulent Web sites determined to steal your identity or money. Sure, you might find some good Web sites through a Web search, but how can you tell the good from the bad when you get hundreds, if not thousands, of results?

Along came Investing Online For Dummies, 7th Edition. This book is here to act as a down-to-Earth guide for getting started with online investing. I steer you clear of unnecessary investing gobbledygook, and I point you to resources that you can trust. I've already done all the mucking through the thousands of investing Web sites to find good ones — you shouldn't have to do so as well!

About This Book

Investing Online For Dummies has been updated and refreshed in this seventh edition to be your intelligent guide through this often-confusing and constantly changing world of investing online. As the author, I can share the tricks, tips, and secrets ...

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