Chapter 4

Connecting with an Online Broker

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding your choices of brokers

arrow Deciding what you need from a broker

arrow Knowing the differences between a self-service and full-service brokerage

arrow Making sure that your money is safe with your broker

arrow Scoping out how to access your account with your broker

arrow Setting up your account and getting started

In this chapter, I dive through the offers from all the major online brokerages to pinpoint which ones could fit your needs. Why can’t I save you the trouble and just tell you which broker is the best? It’s not that easy. Choosing “the best” brokerage is like choosing the most beautiful painting in an art museum. Everyone has an opinion based on what is most important to him or her. When choosing a broker, if you’re most interested in dirt-cheap commissions and don’t care much for service, you have one set of brokers to pick from. ...

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