Chapter 3

How Investment Bankers Sell Companies

In This Chapter

arrow Digging into the specific tasks investment banks undertake when selling a company

arrow Finding out what's included in an IPO prospectus

arrow Identifying the keys to a successful IPO

arrow Understanding how sell-side research aids in the process of selling a stock

arrow Determining who sell-side research analysts serve

arrow Diving into a sample sell-side research report to understand its purpose

Investment banking isn't exactly a glamorous business. When was the last time you heard a 6-year-old say she wants to be an investment banker when she grows up? Much of what investment bankers do is lucrative, but it's behind the scenes and tucked in the back rooms of the financial system.

If there's an area where investment bankers really shine, it's in the process of selling a company to the public for the first time in an initial public offering (IPO). ...

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