Invisible Influence: The Power to Persuade Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

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"Invisible Influence is a masterpiece in understanding the science of influence and how to take it from convincing to compelling. Kevin Hogan shows you in plain English how to understand, apply, and master the science of persuasion. The book is brilliant— and you can be brilliantly persuasive. Buy the book, read the book, and implement the book."

—Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Sales Bible and The Little Book of Leadership

"One eyebrow-raising, head-whacking, forehead-slapping technique after another. Anyone whose daily life depends on influencing people—in other words, everyone—should read this book. Buy copies for your friends and hide it from your enemies."

—Richard Brodie, author of Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme

"Master persuaders know that it's not really about the words you use or the moves you make—other people get persuaded because of what you think and how you feel. Kevin Hogan explains in delightfully clear detail how to make these master-persuader secrets work for you. Not only that, he also explains why all of this works, and he shows you the exact scientific research that proves it!"

—David Garfinkel, author of Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich

"Invisible Influence is a masterpiece. It will be the master influencer's reference book for the years to come. Invisible influence is like oxygen, you can't see it, but your life depends on it. In this book, you will discover the persuasion tactics that will compel your clients to say yes to you—again and again."

—Roberto Monaco,

"Dump the script—it's old news before the ink's dry. Trust yourself and use your new understanding of the ever-changing context to succeed. In his fascinating book, Hogan weaves established research findings into a handbook for successful influence. The guidelines are obvious but hidden, simple but profound. Understand them and you've mastered the complex and crucial art of persuasion."

—William D. Crano, author of The Rules of Influence: Winning When You're in the Minority

"Many write on the topic of persuasion. Precious few genuinely understand it. Kevin is one of those precious few. Read everything you can by him."

—Mark Joyner, founder and CEO of Simpleology,

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Chapter 1: Intentional Reality
    1. In His Own Image
    2. The Powerful Influence of Prophecy
    3. Developing Your New Expectant Mind
    4. Here's the Template
  7. Chapter 2: Identity Convergence
    1. A Strategy to Implement Invisible Influence
    2. The Identification Exercise
    3. Influence Factors Covered in This Chapter
    4. The Initial Identification Exercise
  8. Chapter 3: Kim Kardashian's Connectors
    1. What's in Your Cupboard?
    2. What Does Signing Your Name Mean in the Selling Process?
    3. Identity
  9. Chapter 4: Your Self and Others
    1. Who Are You?
    2. They Don't Know What They're Thinking About
  10. Chapter 5: Your Trusted Self
    1. Your Self Monitor Makes You Safe to Be With
    2. Become Aware of Selves, Yours and Others
    3. The Awakening
    4. Components of Self-Awareness
  11. Chapter 6: Reactance Removed
    1. How Can They Possibly Say No?
    2. Sweeten the Deal
    3. The First Hurdle of Influencing Someone
    4. Reactance = Show Stopper
    5. No Reactance = High Probability of Influential Success
    6. Bypassing Reactance
    7. Why Most People Fail to Influence
    8. The Context Frames the Story
    9. Bursting the Bubble of Resistance
    10. Reactance Is Essential
    11. Other Ways to Overcome or Work Past Reactance
    12. Advanced Intelligence Checklist
  12. Chapter 7: The Science of When
    1. Three Factors That Mattered When
    2. Perhaps You Wake Up with 100 SRUs
    3. SRU Count . . .
  13. 52 Techniques
    1. 1: Preempting the Neon Sign
    2. 2: Is Less More?
    3. 3: Practice Deframing
    4. 4: You Can't Beat Biology
    5. 5: Face Your jpeg
    6. 6: Compliance-Causing Questions
    7. 7: Direct the Traffic
    8. 8: Do I Understand?
    9. 9: The First Shall Be Last and the Last Shall Be First
    10. 10: More Than the Message
    11. 11: When All Else Fails
    12. 12: Something Money Can't Buy
    13. 13: Attention → Here
    14. 14: Imagined Ownership
    15. 15: Unique Frame Precludes “No”
    16. 16: The Contrastive Analysis
    17. 17: Give Them a Cup of Coffee
    18. 18: The $4,000,000 Bra
    19. 19: Mirror Neuron on the Wall . . .
    20. 20: Behavioral Gravity
    21. 21: If You Insist
    22. 22: Here's the Message for That Mood
    23. 23: Behavioral Integration
    24. 24: Have Them Help You Help Them Change
    25. 25: The Second Right Answer
    26. 26: Hypothetically Speaking
    27. 27: Switching Labels
      1. More Thinking without Thinking
      2. Labels Are Frames
    28. 28: Listen for What They're Not Saying
    29. 29: Role-Response-Projection
      1. The Reciprocal Response Projection
    30. 30: Let Them Direct the Traffic
    31. 31: Absorb Them into Your World
    32. 32: The Hidden Message
      1. Ant and Grasshopper
    33. 33: Psychic Power
    34. 34: Bond Quickly
      1. Shared Attitude Gossip
      2. Familiarity Is a Magnet
    35. 35: Use a Post-It® Note
      1. Study 1: Does the Post-It Note Really Influence?
    36. 36: More Post-It® Magic
      1. Study 3: Does the Post-It Note Influence Speed of Compliance?
      2. Do Personalized Notes Influence People?
      3. Study 4: Does a Personalized Post-It Note Create Even More Magic?
    37. 37: Seven New Body Language Tips
    38. 38: Triggering Feelings of Inclusion
    39. 39: Regret Reduction
    40. 40: “I can't afford it.”
    41. 41: Put It on Paper
    42. 42: Choice Sequencing
    43. 43: Generate This Specific Sequence of Emotions
    44. 44: The Instant Drama Resolution Technique
      1. Happiness Followed by Disappointment
    45. 45: Cause Them to Be Interrupted
    46. 46: Recapturing Attention
    47. 47: Decide Right Now
    48. 48: Generate an Irresistible Impulse
    49. 49: Take Them for a Walk
    50. 50: The Story and the Statistic
    51. 51: Understanding, and the Alternative
    52. 52: Give Them Meaning
  14. A 10-Step Influence Template
    1. 1. Determine and Control the Context
    2. 2. Determine My Outcome
    3. 3. Identify and Empathize
    4. 4. Defuse Resistance and Reactance
    5. 5. Defuse Feelings of Anticipated Regret
    6. 6. Carefully Frame the Proposal
    7. 7. Propose a Solution
    8. 8. Solve Obstacles That Exist . . .
    9. 9. Ask Until They Say Yes
    10. 10. Validate Later
  15. Bibliography
  16. Index
  17. About the Author

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  • Title: Invisible Influence: The Power to Persuade Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: March 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118602256