Chapter 4

Storyboards and the User Experience

In This Chapter

arrow Introducing the storyboard

arrow Exploring the RoadTrip app

arrow Understanding the Model-View-Controller design pattern

arrow Knowing what’s available in UIKit and the other frameworks

arrow Examining how the Model-View-Controller design pattern is implemented in your app

As I mention in the Introduction, my goal for this book is for you to understand the right way to develop applications for the iPhone and iPad. Because you’ll be using the knowledge I impart to you to develop my RoadTrip application, now is probably a good time to explain the application — what it actually does, how it is organized, and what the program architecture looks like.

remember.eps One thing that makes iOS software development so appealing is the richness of the tools and frameworks provided in the iOS Software Development Kit (SDK). In this regard, the frameworks are especially ...

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