chapter four

Designing the Party Planner App

You have a basic idea of what your party planner app should do. It was spelled out in the previous chapter—“You’ll need to make a guest list and set the date and time for your party. Should there be food—light snacks or a meal? What about beverages? What about music?” That’s not enough for you to start coding. You can apply the methodology described in the last chapter to categorize your app for the App Store, but you need to flesh out the details so that you know what you’re coding.

This chapter walks you through the process of getting to a more complete specification of your app. Most developers find that the process of development is iterative: as you write more, your to-do list for the current and future versions gets longer. After the app goes live in the App Store, with luck, the list will get longer still as users ask for new features.

So it’s time to do some concrete planning.

Planning the App: The Choices

Based on the methodology described in the last chapter, here are the basic choices that you should consider for this app. The first choice is the money question. You might want to make this a paid app. Alternatively, you may want to make it a free app to promote your own (or a friend’s) catering business. You can also use it to promote your own app-development skills.

As for the App Store settings, here are the choices at the moment.

Identifying Your App and Yourself

These settings identify the app and the seller:

Name ...

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