iOS Augmented Reality with ARKit

Video description

A complete, hands-on guide to AR app development—from your first ARKit demo to sophisticated AR environments in Unity and Metal

About This Video

  • Learn various API essentials for developing your own game
  • Understand the ARKit framework
  • Integrate Augmented Reality to create AR applications

In Detail

Augmented Reality effortlessly allows both, creatives and app developers alike to create new, creative, and fun-filled experiences directly on their iPhones or iPads! Augmented Reality has been exploding in the past few years with major tech companies releasing their own Augmented Reality kits.

In this course, we take you on a tour of various APIs and tools that you will need in order to develop various AR apps for iOS devices. In this course, you will start by installing Xcode 9 and then register on Apple’s developer account with all the essential setup. Then you will be introduced to APIs and tools so that you are all set to develop your 1st ARKit app. You will start by creating a small app where you get a 3D model on screen and learn the basics of setting-up and using ARKit.

In this app you will learn to use ARKit to set up, configure, add, and remove objects from ARSCNView. Then you will continue to explore other ARKit features by developing a 3D-shape App by focusing primarily on 3D interaction and UI Controls in AR using gesture recognizers. Lastly, we will create an exciting AR Shooter Game App where you will learn to set up your game, adjust scene lighting and targets, destroy your targets, and design different levels. In the last section, you will learn to build a small demo project by using Metal and Unity.

By the end of this video course, you will have learnt various APIs essential for developing games and will have easily developed 3 practical AR apps that you can further optimize with the Metal API and that you can integrate with the third-party tools such as Unity.

Product information

  • Title: iOS Augmented Reality with ARKit
  • Author(s): Felix Changoo
  • Release date: January 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781788479332