Chapter 16

Ten Ways to Extend the RoadTrip App

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering some additional features for the RoadTrip app

arrow Making structural improvements to the app

arrow Making the Road Trip Editor easier to use

Although the example app developed in this book — the RoadTrip app — has the basic structure and features that you would include in a commercial app of this type, you would have some additional tasks to take care of if you intended to make it a true, viable commercial application.

First and foremost, you’d definitely have to add more content to the app. (Content is king.) You’d also need to add more features, as well as strengthen the basic structure a bit.

In this chapter, I suggest some changes you would need to make to RoadTrip in order to give it a fighting chance at commercial success.

Dealing with Errors

Currently, RoadTrip does a pretty good job of reporting errors, especially when using web services. It can, however, improve that error handling by actually trying to do something about the error besides simply reporting it.

Take network connectivity, for example. Currently, if there is no network connection, all RoadTrip does is report that fact. It would be far better ...

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