First I’d like to thank everyone at Manning, starting with my editors, Scott Meyers, Troy Mott, and Jeff Bleiel, and then going on to publisher Marjan Bace and all the others who helped along the way, including Nick Chase, Linda Kern, Benjamin Berg, Katie Tennant, Alyson Brener, and Janet Vail, for their support and hard work.

I’d like to thank the following reviewers for reading my manuscript at various stages of its development and providing invaluable feedback: Jonas Bandi, Jeremy Villeneuve, Mekka Okereke, Amos Bannister, Stephen Aument, Bryan “Groucho” Duke, Serban Porumbescu, Clint Tredway, Mike Stok, Arif Shaikh, Jonathan Hohle, Gavin Whyte, Subhasis Ghosh, Mark Janssen, Barry Tolnas, and Christopher Haupt. I would also ...

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