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iOS MapKit and Core Location LiveLessons - Developer Talks

Video Description

iOS MapKit and Core Location LiveLessons - Developer Talks shows you by example how to add location handling and mapping features to your iOS application, all in an easily accessible, presentation-style format.

iOS developer Joe Keeley offers novice programmers practical advice on to work with Mapkit and the Core Location framework along with hands-on, step-by-step video training. This presentation does not assume any previous experience working with these technologies, and you will easily be able to put Keeley's examples to use in your own iOS application development.

About the Author:

Joe Keeley is the CTO of Dragon Forged Software, Project Lead at Empirical Software, and co-author of the soon to be released book "iOS Components and Frameworks, Understanding the Advanced Features of iOS" from Addison Wesley. Joe works on Resolve and Slender from Dragon Forged Software, and has built a number of very successful apps for clients. Before getting into iOS development, Joe worked on enterprise software installations at companies including Apple, AMD, Vistar, Intelligent Electronics, and Ahold USA / Stop and Shop.