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iOS Programming in 7 Days

Video Description

Start your iOS development career in one week! Build and publish a complete iOS app from scratch with this practical course designed for beginners.

About This Video

  • Learn how to develop iOS app in 7 Days with the easy and friendly guide
  • Explore and use a wide range of Apple software development kits and tools to become a confident iOS developer
  • Go from a beginner with an idea to submitting a functional app to the App Store within a week

In Detail

Are you looking to become an iOS developer or are wondering what it would be to develop apps for the iOS platform? Get this course and begin your journey to become an iOS developer in 7 Days.

This course will guide you on your way to becoming an iOS Developer in 7 Days. You will learn lots of new concepts in iOS development by developing an app to track users tasks. On the first day, you will set up your environment for iOS development, by downloading Xcode. You will then explore the user interface and learn how to navigate around. The second day will give you hands-on experience with Swift and learn some of its basics. The third day you will learn about Swift operators and how a navigation controller manages one or more child view controllers in a navigation hierarchy. The fourth day you learn about the different loops and how to use them. The fifth day you will learn about Swift functions and how to manage multiple screens and use the different table view and its properties. The sixth day you will add more feature to your app and improve the user interface. Finally the seventh day you will learn how to add app icon and the launch screens and then prepare the app for the app store.

By the end of 7 Days, you will be confident in your journey of developing for iOS platform and be able to build your own app and publish your app to the App Store.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available on GitHub at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/iOS-Programming-in-7-Days.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Creating iOS App with No Coding
    1. The Course Overview 00:06:24
    2. Xcode Installation 00:04:06
    3. Creating a New App 00:03:19
    4. Quick Tour of Xcode User Interface 00:03:52
    5. Add a Label, Button, and Image View to App Screen 00:07:03
    6. Xcode Preview 00:04:29
    7. Layout Constraints and Auto Layout Tool 00:04:41
    8. UINavigation Controller and Text View 00:05:08
  2. Chapter 2 : Get Going with Swift
    1. Exploring Playground 00:04:46
    2. Swift Data Types, Constants, and Variables 00:07:33
    3. Setting Up App User Interface with Auto Layout 00:05:18
    4. Connecting Objects to Code Using IBOutlet and IBAction 00:07:16
    5. Navigate Using Segue and Initial View Controller 00:07:09
  3. Chapter 3 : Working with Operators in Swift and Obtaining User Inputs
    1. Using the Arithmetic, Remainder and, Not Operators 00:06:42
    2. Comparison Operators and if…else Statement 00:06:11
    3. Introduction to Optional 00:07:28
    4. Obtaining User Inputs 00:05:00
    5. Dismissing the Keyboard on iOS 00:06:16
  4. Chapter 4 : Diving into Loops and Object-Oriented Programming
    1. Swift Array 00:06:10
    2. Swift Dictionary 00:08:19
    3. Working with Loops and Iterating through Array and Dictionary 00:07:27
    4. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming 00:08:40
    5. Exploring DatePicker Object 00:07:33
    6. Save Task Objects in Array 00:07:39
  5. Chapter 5 : Functions, Tab Bar Controller, and Table View Controller
    1. Swift Functions and Methods 00:08:16
    2. Dismissing a View Controller 00:07:40
    3. Working with Tab Bar Controller 00:04:20
    4. Introduction to Table View Controller 00:08:07
    5. Displaying Task Objects Using Table View Controller 00:08:28
  6. Chapter 6 : Add More Features to the App
    1. Showing Alerts with UIAlertController 00:07:05
    2. Persisting Data Using UserDefaults 00:07:31
    3. Designing the Navigation Bar 00:02:51
    4. Designing the Tab Bar with Images and Colors 00:03:33
  7. Chapter 7 : Uploading the App to the App Store
    1. App Launch Screen 00:06:13
    2. Add Icons to the App 00:07:29
    3. Creating New App on iTunes Connect 00:05:47
    4. Uploading App to iTunes Connect 00:09:28