Each time you have declared an instance variable in BNRItem, you have declared and implemented a pair of accessor methods. Now you are going to learn to use properties, a convenient alternative to writing out accessors methods that saves a lot of typing and makes your class files easier to read.

Declaring properties

A property declaration has the following form:

@​p​r​o​p​e​r​t​y​ ​N​S​S​t​r​i​n​g​ ​*​i​t​e​m​N​a​m​e​;​

By default, declaring a property will get you three things: an instance variable and two accessors for the instance variable. Take a look at Table 3.1, which shows a class not using properties on the left and the equivalent class with properties on the right.

Table 3.1  With and without ...

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