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iOS UICollectionView: The Complete Guide, Second Edition

Book Description

Fully updated for iOS 7, iOS UICollectionView: The Complete Guide, Second Edition will help you build highly immersive, cutting-edge iOS user interfaces that transform your apps from good to great! Ash Furrow covers everything that's new and valuable in UICollectionViews for iOS 7, showing how it eliminates annoying "gotchas" from iOS 6 (and helping you avoid a few new pitfalls). For the first time, he also demonstrates how to integrate UICollectionViews with iOS 7's brand-new UIKit Dynamics to deliver more realistic animations and more effective layouts.

Furrow teaches through a wide spectrum of up-to-date, downloadable code examples. Reflecting the latest UICollectionView best practices, he also offers detailed guidance on application architecture, data retrieval across networks, and efficient content rendering. Coverage includes:

  • What to know about MVC and the iOS app lifecycle in order to succeed with UICollectionView

  • Using Storyboards or .xibs to set up Collection Views, and implementing them in well-performing code

  • Customizing individual cell layouts, and then contextualizing content for users

  • Efficiently organizing content with UICollectionViewFlowLayout

  • Crafting sophisticated custom layouts with UICollectionViewLayoutSubclassing

  • Animating UICollectionViewLayout changes

  • Building more immersive interfaces with gesture recognizers

  • Making the most of new iOS 7 layout-to-layout transitions

  • And much more

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    Approximately 200 pages.