Using our camera

Our camera project is now complete. It can be run and tested using a browser for the web interface and an application like Device Spy from UPnP Developer Tools. Here, we will present how you can use the device from another application, such as from our controller application.

Setting up UPnP

As in our camera project, we need to create a UPnP interface towards the network. For this, we need an HTTP server and an SSDP client:

private static HttpServer upnpServer;
private static SsdpClient ssdpClient;

First, we set up the HTTP server in the similar way we set up the camera project:

upnpServer = new HttpServer (8080, 10, true, true, 1);
Log.Information ("UPnP Server receiving requests on port " + upnpServer.Port.ToString ());

We also set ...

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