Adding XMPP support to a thing

We are now ready to start implementing support for XMPP in our devices. We will begin with the sensor. Most of the implementation needed is generic and will be reused in all our projects created so far. Device-specific interfaces will be described afterwards. The Clayster.Library.Internet.XMPP namespace has an XMPP client that allows us to communicate using the XMPP primitives and register custom message handlers and IQ handlers.

Connecting to the XMPP network

To connect to the XMPP network, we first need to instantiate an XMPP client. To do this, we need a JID, a password, the name of the XMPP server and its port number, and the ISO code of the default language we use by default:

xmppClient = new XmppClient (xmppSettings.Jid, ...

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