Chapter 2: Pages Has a Way with Words

In This Chapter

check.png Making changes to a Pages document

check.png Toiling with text

check.png Focusing on formatting with the ruler

check.png Setting advanced formatting options with the Format button

check.png Formatting the document

check.png Using selection buttons

This chapter delves into the Pages app, which is the word-processing tool in the iWork suite of apps. Pages gives you powerful tools for creating documents of all kinds.

In this chapter, I tell you how to work with text and text boxes, format a document, and use the simplified Pages for iOS interface.

remember.eps To find basic instructions for managing documents and sharing them via WebDAV, e-mail, or iTunes, see Book IV, Chapter 1.

Editing a Pages Document

After you open a Pages document, you edit it in Document Editing view, shown in Figure 2-1. ...

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