Chapter 3: Counting on Numbers

In This Chapter

check.png Getting to know Numbers

check.png Working with a template

check.png Using tabs and sheets

check.png Using tables, cells, and forms

check.png Creating new tables

Numbers is a different approach to the concept of spreadsheets. It brings to spreadsheets not only a different kind of structure, but also data formats you may never have seen. In addition to being able to use numbers and text in your spreadsheets, you can use on-off check boxes and star ratings as part of your data. Think of an inventory spreadsheet with check boxes for in-stock items and star ratings based on reviews or user feedback. What you may have thought of as just a bunch of numbers can now provide true meaning and context to users.

First launched as part of iWork ’08, Numbers joins the other iWork apps on iPad. Tables and charts are built into Keynote and Pages, but Numbers is the main number-crunching tool on iPad.

In this chapter, you discover how Numbers helps organize data into manageable units. After ...

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