text messaging, 178

tweets, 228

ABC Player, 419

About option, 52

Accept Cookies, Safari, 302

Accessibility option, 55


app’s description page, 92-95

app-specific data online at, 150-151

Graphics menu, Numbers, 468

multitasking bar, 69-71

Notification Center, 105

Tools menu

in Keynote, 472-473

in Numbers, 468

in Pages, 460-461

accessories, 480

Account Settings, Facebook app, 236


iMessage accounts, setting up, 167-169

Twitter, creating, 221

action/adventure, games, 370

action/puzzle challenges, games, 371

activating Siri, 121-123

Add to Home Screen option, Share icon, 311

Add to Reading List option, Share icon, 313


email accounts, Mail app, 318-321

photos to contact entries, Contacts app, ...

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