iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks: (covers iOS7 for iPad Air, iPad 3rd/4th generation, iPad 2, and iPad mini, iPhone 5S, 5/5C & 4/4S)

Book description

iPad® and iPhone® Tips and Tricks

Covers iPad Air, iPad 3rd/4th generation, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPhone 5S, 5/5C and 4/4S running iOS 7

Easily Unlock the Power of Your iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone

Discover hundreds of tips and tricks you can use right away with your iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone
to maximize its functionality. Learn to use your iOS 7 mobile device as a powerful communication, organization, and productivity tool, as well as a feature-packed entertainment device.

In addition to learning all about the apps that come preinstalled on your iPad or iPhone, you will learn about some of the best third-party apps currently available, plus discover useful strategies for how to
best utilize them in your personal and professional life.

Using an easy-to-understand, nontechnical approach, this book is ideal for beginners and more experienced iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone users who want to discover how to use the iOS 7 operating
system with iCloud, and the latest versions of popular apps. If you’re using an iPad running iOS 7, this book is an indispensable tool!

Here’s just a sampling of what the tips, tricks, and strategies offered in this book will help you accomplish:

  •    Discover how to take full advantage of powerful iOS 7 features, such as Control Center and AirDrop.

  •    Create and maintain a reliable backup of your iOS 7 device.

  •    Learn secrets for using preinstalled apps, such as Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Maps, Notes, Safari, Mail, and Music.

  •    Find, download, and install the most powerful and versatile apps and content for your iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone.

  •    Synchronize files, documents, data, photos, and content with iCloud, your computer, or other iOS mobile devices.

  •    Learn how to interact with your tablet or phone using your voice with Siri and the Dictation feature.

  •    Discover how to take visually impressive photos using the cameras built in to your iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone, and then share them using iCloud Shared Photo Streams, Facebook, Twitter, email, or other methods.

  •    Use your iOS mobile device as an eBook reader, portable gaming machine, and feature-packed music and video player.

Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. Dedication
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. We Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. Introduction
    1. How To Upgrade From iOS 6 to iOS 7
    2. Interacting with Your iPhone or iPad
    3. How to Turn the iPhone or iPad On or Off Versus Placing It into Sleep Mode
    4. Discover Some of What’s New In iOS 7
    5. Using the New Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor
    6. What This Book Offers
    7. Attention, Please...
  12. 1. Tips and Tricks for Customizing Settings
    1. Using the Settings App
    2. Control Center Gives You Quick Access to Popular Features and Functions
    3. Organize Apps on Your Home Screen with Folders
    4. Add Frequently Used Web Page Icons to Your Home Screen
    5. Discover What’s Now Possible from the Lock Screen
    6. Manage Your Customized Notification Center Screen
  13. 2. Using Siri, Dictation, and iOS In Your Car to Interact with Your Mobile Device
    1. What You Should Know Before Using Siri
    2. Ways To Activate Siri
    3. Setting Up Siri to Work on Your iPhone or iPad
    4. Check Out How Siri Can Help You
    5. Practice (with Siri) Makes Perfect
    6. Use Dictation Mode Instead of the Virtual Keyboard
    7. Connect or Link Your iPhone To Your Car To Use The iOS In The Car Feature
  14. 3. Strategies for Finding, Buying, and Using Third-Party Apps
    1. App Store Basics
    2. Where to Find Apps, Music, and More
    3. Everything You Need to Know About Apps
    4. Quick Tips for Finding Apps Relevant to You
    5. Keep Your Apps Up to Date with the Latest Versions
  15. 4. Sync, Share, and Print Files Using iCloud, AirDrop, AirPlay, and AirPrint
    1. Content Saved to iCloud Is Available Anywhere
    2. Access Your App-Specific Data Online at iCloud.com
    3. Automatically Transfer Documents Using iCloud
    4. Create a Photo Stream Using iCloud
    5. Using a Unique Apple ID for iCloud
    6. Backing Up with iCloud
    7. iCloud: Many Uses, One Storage Space
    8. Share Data with Other Nearby iPhone and iPad Users via AirDrop
    9. Stream Content from Your iPhone or iPad to Other Compatible Devices Using AirPlay
    10. Print Files Wirelessly Using an AirPrint-Compatible Printer
  16. 5. Organize Your Life with Reminders and Notes
    1. Use Reminders to Manage Your To-Do Lists
    2. Perform Basic Text Editing and Note Taking with the Notes App
  17. 6. Navigating with the Maps App
    1. Get the Most From Using the Maps App’s Features
    2. Overview of the Maps App’s Screen
    3. Obtain Turn-by-Turn Directions Between Two Locations
    4. Look Up Contact Entries, Businesses, Restaurants, Landmarks, and Points of Interest
    5. The Maps App’s Flyover View
  18. 7. Make the Most of Online Social Networking Apps
    1. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Vimeo Integration Is Built In to iOS 7
    2. Manage Your Facebook Account Using the Official Facebook App
    3. Manage Your Twitter Account(s) Using the Official Twitter App
    4. Discover the Official Apps for Other Popular Online Social Networking Services
    5. Become a Blogger and Start Blogging from Your iPhone or iPad
  19. 8. Shoot, Edit, and Share Photos and Videos
    1. Methods for Loading Digital Images into Your iPhone or iPad
    2. The Redesigned Camera App
    3. Tips for Shooting Eye-Catching Photos
    4. Using the Photos App to View, Edit, Enhance, Print, and Share Photos and Videos
    5. Edit Your Photos with Third-Party Photography Apps
    6. Create and Manage a Photo Stream via iCloud
    7. Create and Manage a Shared Photo Stream via iCloud
  20. 9. Make and Receive Calls with an iPhone
    1. Answering an Incoming Call
    2. Making Calls from Your iPhone
    3. Managing Your Voicemail
    4. Create and Use a Favorites List
    5. Accessing Your Recents Call Log
    6. Do You Talk Too Much? Keeping Track of Usage
    7. Customizing Ringtones
    8. A Few Thoughts About Wireless Headsets
  21. 10. Video Phone Call Strategies Using FaceTime
    1. How to Use FaceTime for Video Phone Calls
    2. Use Skype to Make and Receive Voice and/or Video Calls via the Internet
  22. 11. Send and Receive Emails, Text, and Instant Messages with the Mail and Messages Apps
    1. How to Add Email Accounts to the Mail App
    2. How to Customize Mail Options from Settings
    3. Tips for Viewing Your Incoming Email
    4. Composing an Email Message
    5. Tips for Reading Email
    6. Communicate Effectively with Apple’s iMessage Service
    7. Quick Start: Apple’s iMessage Service
    8. Tips and Tricks for Using the Messages App
  23. 12. Surf the Web More Efficiently Using Safari
    1. Customize Your Web Surfing Experience
    2. How to Use Tabbed Browsing with Safari
    3. Remove Screen Clutter with Safari Reader
    4. Create and Manage Reading Lists
    5. New Options for Sharing Web Content in Safari
    6. Create, Manage, and Sync Safari Bookmarks
    7. Launch Your Favorite Websites Quickly with Home Screen Icons
  24. 13. Calendar and Contact Management Strategies
    1. Get Acquainted with the Calendar App
    2. Customizing the Calendar App
    3. Use Contacts to Keep in Touch with People You Know
    4. The Contacts App Works Seamlessly with Other Apps
  25. 14. Get Acquainted with the Music, Videos, and iTunes Store Apps
    1. Tips for Using the Music App
    2. Create a Music App Playlist
    3. Find Your Way Around the Now Playing Screen
    4. More Music App Features
    5. Use the Videos App to Watch TV Shows, Movies, and More
    6. Use the iTunes Store App to Acquire New Music, TV Shows, Movies, and More
    7. Streaming Video on Your iOS Mobile Device
  26. 15. Customize Your Reading Experience with iBooks and Newsstand
    1. Customize iBooks Settings
    2. The iBooks Main Library Screen
    3. Browse and Shop for eBooks via iBookstore
    4. Using iCloud with iBooks
    5. Customize Your eBook Reading Experience Using iBooks
    6. Create Your Own eBooks Using Apple’s iBooks Author Software
    7. Alternative Methods for Reading Your eBooks
    8. Acquire Digital Editions of Newspapers and Magazines with the Newsstand App
  27. Appendix A. Set Up Your New iPhone or iPad
  28. Appendix B. Take Advantage of the Passbook App and Discover Other Awesome Things Your iOS Device Can Do
    1. There’s So Much More Your iPhone or iPad Can Do
    2. A Smart Watch Is the Perfect Companion to Your Tablet and Smartphone
  29. Index

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  • Title: iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks: (covers iOS7 for iPad Air, iPad 3rd/4th generation, iPad 2, and iPad mini, iPhone 5S, 5/5C & 4/4S)
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2013
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780133554007