Chapter 16

Displaying Events Using a Page View Controller

In This Chapter

arrow Displaying HTML pages in a Web view

arrow Creating Page transitions with a UIPageViewController

arrow Understanding how Page View controllers work and implementing page turns

If the user selects Events from the Master View view in the RoadTrip application, he comes face-to-face with a series of pages that update him on the latest activities happening at his destination. In this chapter, I’ll show you how to use a new feature in iOS 5 that allows you to create a view controller that enables a user to “turn event pages” in the same way as he or she can in an iBook.

You also find out how to use a Web view again to display data, but this time you download an HTML page stored on my website, rather than download a website itself.

The best part of what you discover in this chapter is page-turn transitions. These transitions are implemented by the UIPageViewController class — a new container view controller (implemented in iOS 5) that creates page-turn transitions between view controllers. Just as a Navigation controller animates the transitions between, say, the Master View controller and the Test Drive controller in Chapter ...

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