Why Develop iPad Applications?

Because you can. Because it’s fun. And because the time has come (today!). iPad apps are busting out all over, and developers have been very successful. Even high-profile magazines such as Wired and The New Yorker now offer app versions.

Developing iPad apps can be the most fun you’ve had in years, with very little investment of time and money (compared with developing for platforms like Windows). Here’s why:

check.png iPad apps are usually bite-sized, which means they’re small enough to get your head around. A single developer — or one with a partner and maybe some graphics support — can do them. You don’t need a 20-person project team with endless procedures and processes and meetings to create something valuable.

check.png The applications tend to be crisp and clean, focusing on what the user wants to do at a particular time and/or place. They’re simple but not simplistic. This makes application design (and subsequent implementation) much easier and faster.

check.png The apps use the most innovative platform available for mobile computing. The iPad is a game-changer. It’s completely changing the Internet as a publishing medium, the software industry with regard to applications, ...

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