Using Xcode to Develop an App

To develop an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad app, you have to work within the context of an Xcode project. Although I don’t explain any particular development methodologies in this book, I can tell you that Xcode supports the following activities that are parts of developing your application:

check.png Creating an Xcode project

check.png Developing the application (designing the user interface using a storyboard; coding; and running and debugging the code)

check.png Tuning application performance

check.png Distributing the application

The following sections tell you more about each of these tasks.

Creating an Xcode project

To develop an iOS application, you start by creating an Xcode project. A project contains all the elements needed to create an application, including the source files, a graphical representation of the user interface, and build settings needed to build your application. You work on your project in the Workspace window, which allows you to create all of these elements as well as build, run, debug, and submit your application to the App Store.

Developing the application

You have ...

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