Chapter 9

Taking Notes

In This Chapter

arrow Taking advantage of the iPad's built-in Notes app

arrow Managing notes and much more in Evernote

arrow Sketching, handwriting, and recording notes in PhatPad

arrow Combining typed notes with sketches and audio in Notability

arrow Taking notes in a Microsoft Office environment with OneNote

arrow Saving simple notes to the cloud with Notes for Box

arrow Recording meetings and more with WaveRecorder and TapNotes

Most of us jot stuff down on whatever we have at hand — the back of an envelope, a notepad, and a sticky note are all fair game. With an iPad, you can jot away in as many locations as you want, without needing to find pen and paper. And those notes can be shared across your devices and with other people with little to no effort. Try that with the back of an envelope.

People ...

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