Chapter 11

Outlining and Brainstorming

In This Chapter

arrow Creating sophisticated outlines with OmniOutliner

arrow Getting to the basics with Cloud Outliner

arrow Brainstorming the visual way with iThoughts HD

arrow Sketching ideas the paper-and-pencil way with Skitch

We all organize thoughts differently, but organizing them — whether through brainstorming or outlining — is usually a critical step to developing project plans, proposals, and so forth.

The iPad makes a great tool for such organizing because it's usually at hand, so you can do your organizing almost anywhere you are when inspiration strikes or deadlines force you into action. Creativity often doesn't happen on a schedule, and with the iPad, it doesn't have to.

But creativity does come with a price: The apps for this category are costlier than for many other business app categories. You've been warned! And if you're thinking that, at least for outlining, you can just use Microsoft Word or Apple Pages to do that work, think again: The iPad versions of these apps don't have an outline view, much less outlining capabilities as their computer ...

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