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iPad For Dummies, 7th Edition

Book Description

The fast and easy way to get the most out of your iPad - updated for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3!

This new edition of iPad For Dummies covers all the latest tips and tricks to getting the most out of your iPad, presented in a straightforward-but-fun language that has defined the For Dummies brand for more than twenty years. Clear instructions get you started with the basics, like setting up your iPad, mastering the multi-touch interface, and synching your data. Next, you'll discover how to work in the iCloud, set up iTunes on your iPad, browse the Internet, send and receive e-mails, text with iMessage, download apps from the App Store, making video calls with FaceTime, work with Siri, import pictures, get organized with Reminders, find your way with Maps, and so much more. Written in plain English and complemented with full-color photographs that bring the information to life, iPad For Dummies helps even the most techno-phobic readers understand and master the iPad's myriad capabilities. Whether you're looking to curl up with a good iBook, stay connected on social media, capture photos and videos—or anything in between—everything you need is at your fingertips.

  • Includes coverage of iPad Air 2, iPad Air, and all models of iPad mini

  • Bestselling For Dummies brand in full-color!

  • Written by a dynamic team, including the Personal Tech columnist for USA Today and the author of the popular Dr. Mac column for the Houston Chronicle

  • Enhanced with instructional videos and eBook supplements

  • Covers the portability, accessibility, and multi-functionality that make iPad popular for school, recreation, and work

  • If you're a new iPad user or have a bit of experience and want approachable information on the latest iOS software and iPad hardware, this friendly guide has you covered.

    Table of Contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
        5. Where to Go from Here
      2. Part I: Getting to Know Your iPad
        1. Chapter 1: Unveiling the iPad
          1. Exploring the iPad’s Big Picture
            1. The iPad as an iPod
            2. The iPad as an Internet communications device
            3. The iPad as an e-book reader
            4. The iPad as a multimedia powerhouse
            5. The iPad as a platform for third-party apps
            6. What do you need to use an iPad?
          2. Touring the iPad Exterior
            1. On the top
            2. On the bottom
            3. On the right side
            4. On the front and back
            5. Status bar
          3. Discovering the Delectable Home Screen and Dock Icons
            1. Home is where the screen is
            2. Sittin’ on the dock of the iPad
        2. Chapter 2: iPad Basic Training
          1. Getting Started on Getting Started
          2. Turning On and Setting Up the iPad
          3. Locking the iPad
          4. Mastering the Multitouch Interface
            1. Training your digits
            2. Navigating beyond the Home screen
            3. Select, cut, copy, and paste
            4. Multitasking
            5. Organizing icons into folders
            6. Printing
            7. Searching for content on your iPad
          5. The Incredible, Intelligent, and Virtual iPad Keyboard
            1. Anticipating what comes next
            2. Discovering the special-use keys
            3. Choosing an alternative keyboard
            4. Finger-typing on the virtual keyboards
            5. Editing mistakes
        3. Chapter 3: Synchronicity: Getting Stuff to and from Your iPad
          1. A Brief iCloud Primer
          2. Syncing with iTunes
          3. Backing Up Your iPad
          4. Disconnecting the iPad
          5. Synchronizing Your Data
            1. Contacts
            2. Calendars
            3. Advanced
          6. Synchronizing Your Media
            1. Music, music videos, and voice memos
            2. Movies
            3. TV shows
            4. Podcasts, iTunes U, and books
            5. Tones
            6. Photos
          7. Manual Syncing
      3. Part II: The Internet iPad
        1. Chapter 4: Going on a Mobile Safari
          1. Surfin’ Dude
            1. Exploring the browser
            2. Blasting off into cyberspace
            3. Zoom, zoom, zoom
            4. Reading clutter-free web pages
          2. Finding Your Way around Cyberspace
            1. Looking at lovable links
            2. Tabbed browsing
            3. iCloud tabs
          3. Revisiting Web Pages Time and Again
            1. Book(mark) ’em, Dano
            2. Altering bookmarks
            3. Saving to your reading list
            4. Clipping a web page
            5. Letting history repeat itself
            6. Saving web pictures
          4. Sharing Your Web Experiences
          5. Launching a Mobile Search Mission
          6. Private Browsing
          7. Smart Safari Settings
        2. Chapter 5: The Email Must Get Through
          1. Prep Work: Setting Up Your Accounts
            1. Setting up your account the easy way
            2. Setting up your account the less-easy way
          2. See Me, Read Me, File Me, Delete Me: Working with Messages
            1. Reading messages
            2. Threading messages
            3. Managing messages
            4. Searching emails
            5. Don’t grow too attached to attachments
            6. More things you can do with messages
          3. Darling, You Send Me (Email)
            1. Sending an all-text message
            2. Formatting text in an email
            3. Sending a photo with an email message
            4. Saving an email to send later
            5. Replying to, forwarding, or printing an email message
            6. Settings for sending email
          4. Setting Your Message and Account Settings
            1. Checking and viewing email settings
            2. Altering account settings
          5. Getting the iMessage
            1. Sending iMessages
            2. Group messages
            3. Adding voice to an iMessage
            4. Being a golden receiver: Receiving iMessages
            5. Sending pix and vids in a message
            6. Smart messaging tricks
        3. Chapter 6: Maps Are Where It’s At
          1. Finding Your Current Location with Maps
          2. Searching
            1. Finding a person, place, or thing
            2. Connecting maps and contacts
          3. Viewing, Zooming, and Panning
          4. Saving Time with Favorites, Recents, and Contacts
            1. Favorites
            2. Recents
            3. Contacts
          5. Smart Map Tricks
            1. Getting route maps and driving directions
            2. Getting traffic info in real time
            3. Getting more info about a location
      4. Part III: The Multimedia iPad
        1. Chapter 7: The Listening Experience
          1. Introducing the iPod inside Your iPad
            1. iTunes Radio
            2. Finding music with the search field
            3. Browsing among the tabs
          2. Taking Control of Your Tunes
            1. Playing with the audio controls
            2. Creating playlists
            3. It doesn’t take a Genius
          3. Customizing Volume and Equalizer Settings
            1. Play all songs at the same volume level
            2. Choose an equalizer setting
            3. Set a volume limit for music (and videos)
          4. Shopping with the iTunes Store App
        2. Chapter 8: iPad Videography
          1. Finding Stuff to Watch
          2. Playing Video
          3. Finding and Working the Video Controls
          4. Watching Video on a Big TV
          5. Restricting Video Usage
          6. Deleting Video from Your iPad
          7. Shooting Your Own Videos
            1. Going slow
            2. Going fast
            3. Editing what you shot
            4. Sharing video
          8. Seeing Is Believing with FaceTime
            1. Getting started with FaceTime
            2. Making a FaceTime call
            3. Receiving a FaceTime call
        3. Chapter 9: Photography on a Larger Scale
          1. Shooting Pictures
            1. Syncing pix
            2. Connecting a digital camera or memory card
            3. Saving images from emails and the web
          2. Tracking Down Your Pictures
            1. Choosing albums
            2. Categorizing your pics
            3. Organizing your places, faces, and events
            4. Searching for pictures
            5. Sharing your photos
          3. Admiring Your Pictures
            1. Maneuvering and manipulating photos
            2. Launching slideshows
            3. Storing pictures in the (i)Cloud
          4. Editing and Deleting Photos
          5. More (Not So) Stupid Picture Tricks
          6. Entering the Photo Booth
        4. Chapter 10: Curling Up with a Good iBook
          1. Why E-Books?
          2. Beginning the iBook Story
          3. Reading a Book
            1. Turning pages
            2. Jumping to a specific page
            3. Going to the table of contents
            4. Adding bookmarks
            5. Adding highlights and notes
            6. Changing the type size, font, and page color
            7. Searching inside and outside a book
          4. Shopping for E-Books
            1. Just browsing iBooks Store
            2. Searching the iBooks Store
            3. Deciding whether a book is worth it
            4. Buying a book from the iBooks Store
            5. Buying books beyond Apple
            6. Finding free books outside the iBooks Store
          5. Reading Newspapers and Magazines
      5. Part IV: The iPad at Work
        1. Chapter 11: App-solutely!
          1. Tapping the Magic of Apps
          2. Using Your Computer to Find Apps
            1. Browsing the App Store from your computer
            2. Using the search field in the iTunes Store
            3. Getting more information about an app in the iTunes Store
            4. Downloading an app from the iTunes Store
            5. Updating an app from the iTunes Store
          3. Using Your iPad to Find Apps
            1. Browsing the App Store on your iPad
            2. Using the search field in the App Store
            3. Finding details about an app in the App Store
            4. Downloading an app from the App Store
            5. Updating an app from the App Store
          4. Working with Apps
            1. Deleting an app
            2. Writing an app review
        2. Chapter 12: People, Places, and Appointments
          1. Working with the Calendar
            1. Year view
            2. Month view
            3. Day view
            4. Week view
            5. List view
          2. Adding Calendar Entries
            1. Managing your calendars
            2. Letting your calendar push you around
            3. Displaying multiple calendars
            4. Responding to meeting invitations
            5. Subscribing to calendars
          3. Sifting through Contacts
            1. Adding and viewing contacts
            2. Searching contacts
            3. Contacting and sharing your contacts
            4. Linking contacts
            5. Removing a contact
        3. Chapter 13: Indispensable iPad Utilities
          1. Taking Note of Notes
          2. Remembering with Reminders
            1. Working with lists
            2. Setting up reminders
            3. Viewing and checking off reminders
          3. Negotiating Notification Center
          4. Punching the Clock
            1. World clock
            2. Alarm
            3. Stopwatch
            4. Timer
          5. Socializing with Social Media Apps
            1. Facebook
            2. Twitter
            3. Game Center
          6. Sharing Your Connection (Personal Hotspot)
          7. Dropping In on AirDrop
        4. Chapter 14: Taking iPad Controls Siri-ously
          1. Controlling Control Center
          2. Summoning Siri
          3. Figuring Out What to Ask
          4. Correcting Mistakes
          5. Using Dictation
          6. Making Siri Smarter
      6. Part V: The Undiscovered iPad
        1. Chapter 15: Setting You Straight on Settings
          1. Checking Out the Settings Screen
          2. Flying with Sky-High Settings
          3. Controlling Wi-Fi Connections
          4. Getting Fired Up over Bluetooth
          5. Roaming among Cellular Data Options
          6. Managing Notifications
          7. Controlling Control Center
          8. Location, Location, Location Services
          9. Settings for Your Senses
            1. Brightening your day
            2. Wallpaper
            3. Sounds
          10. Exploring Settings in General
            1. About About
            2. Software Update
            3. Siri
            4. Spotlight Search
            5. Handoff and Suggested Apps
            6. Accessibility
            7. Multitasking Gestures
            8. Usage settings
            9. Background App Refresh
            10. Auto-Lock
            11. Touch ID & Passcode
            12. Twitter
            13. Facebook
            14. Sorting and displaying contacts
            15. Restrictions
            16. Promoting harmony through Family Sharing
            17. Cover Lock/Unlock
            18. Side Switch
            19. Date & Time
            20. Keyboard
            21. Language & Region
            22. iTunes Wi-Fi Sync
            23. VPN settings
            24. Reset
          11. Find My iPad
        2. Chapter 16: When Good iPads Go Bad
          1. Resuscitating an iPad with Issues
            1. Recharge
            2. Restart
            3. Reset your iPad
            4. Remove content
            5. Reset settings and content
            6. Restore
            7. Recovery mode
          2. Problems with Networks
          3. Sync, Computer, or iTunes Issues
          4. More Help on the Apple Website
          5. If Nothing We Suggest Helps
          6. Dude, Where’s My Stuff?
        3. Chapter 17: Accessorizing Your iPad
          1. Accessories from Apple
            1. Casing the iPad
            2. Apple wireless keyboard
            3. Connecting a camera
            4. Connecting an iPad to a TV or projector
            5. Keeping a spare charger
          2. Listening and Talking with Earphones, Headphones, and Headsets
            1. Wired headphones, earphones, and headsets
            2. Bluetooth stereo headphones, earphones, and headsets
          3. Listening with Speakers
            1. Desktop speakers
            2. Bluetooth speakers
            3. AirPlay speakers
            4. Docking your iPad with an extender cable
          4. Wrapping Your iPad in Third-Party Cases
          5. But Wait . . . There’s More!
            1. Protecting the screen with film
            2. Standing up your iPad
            3. Sharing your iPad with a 2-into-1 stereo adapter
      7. Part VI: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 18: Ten Appetizing and Free Apps
          1. TripCase
          2. Shazam
          3. NFL Mobile
          4. Movies by Flixster
          5. IMDb Movies & TV
          6. Netflix
          7. Comics
          8. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List
          9. Evernote
          10. Pandora Radio
        2. Chapter 19: Ten Apps Worth Paying For
          1. Bill Atkinson PhotoCard
          2. Words with Friends HD
          3. ArtStudio for iPad
          4. Pinball Crystal Caliburn II
          5. Art Authority for iPad
          6. Solar Walk — Planets of the Solar System
          7. Action Movie FX
          8. Facetune for iPad
          9. 60 Minutes
          10. Parallels Access
        3. Chapter 20: Ten Hints, Tips, and Shortcuts
          1. Saving Time and Keystrokes
          2. Autocorrecting
            1. Auto-apostrophes are good for you
            2. Make rejection work for you
            3. If you hate autocorrect, turn it off
          3. Viewing the iPad’s Capacity
          4. Scrubbing Audio
          5. Working with Links and Email Addresses
          6. Sharing the Love . . . and the Links
          7. Choosing a Home Page for Safari
          8. Storing Files
          9. Making Phone Calls
          10. Snapping the Screen
      8. About the Authors
      9. Cheat Sheet