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iPad For Dummies, 10th Edition

Book Description

Take your world with you—with an iPad!

When you're a person who can't be chained to a desk, an iPad is your ideal tool for working or enjoying entertainment wherever you want, whenever you want. An iPad is an ideal tool for connecting to websites and networks, staying in touch with your family, keeping track of the office, or just settling in with a movie or a good book,. And to make it easier than ever, grab a copy of iPad For Dummies for simple steps on handling all your iPad's basic functions—as well as iOS 11, the latest version of the software that powers Apple's mobile gadgets.

Assuming no prior experience with an Apple tablet, this hands-on guide helps users from every walk of life navigate their way around an iPad and an iOS 11. From setting up your eMailbox and using your iPad as an eReader to finding the best iPad apps and using voice commands, it covers everything you need to squeeze all the value out of your portable device.

  • Get help with basics on running your iPad
  • Personalize your tablet for your needs
  • Connect to WiFi or Bluetooth devices
  • Find easy fixes to common iPad problems

iPad rookies rejoice! You'll be up and running like the pros in a flash!

Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Introduction
      1. About This Book
      2. Foolish Assumptions
      3. Icons Used in This Book
      4. Where to Go from Here
    3. Part 1: Getting to Know Your iPad
      1. Chapter 1: Unveiling the iPad
        1. Exploring the iPad’s Big Picture
        2. Touring the iPad Exterior
        3. Discovering the Delectable Home Screen and Dock Icons
      2. Chapter 2: iPad Basic Training
        1. Getting Started on Getting Started
        2. Turning On and Setting Up the iPad
        3. Locking the iPad
        4. Mastering the Multitouch Interface
        5. The Incredible, Intelligent, and Virtual iPad Keyboard
      3. Chapter 3: Synchronicity: Getting Stuff to and from Your iPad
        1. A Brief iCloud Primer
        2. Syncing with iTunes
        3. Backing Up Your iPad
        4. Disconnecting the iPad
        5. Synchronizing Your Data
        6. Synchronizing Your Media
        7. Manual Syncing
    4. Part 2: The Internet iPad
      1. Chapter 4: Going on a Mobile Safari
        1. Surfin’ Dude
        2. Finding Your Way around Cyberspace
        3. Revisiting Web Pages Time and Again
        4. Sharing Your Web Experiences
        5. Launching a Mobile Search Mission
        6. Private Browsing
        7. Smart Safari Settings
      2. Chapter 5: The Email Must Get Through
        1. Prep Work: Setting Up Your Accounts
        2. See Me, Read Me, File Me, Delete Me: Working with Messages
        3. Darling, You Send Me (Email)
        4. Setting Your Message and Account Settings
        5. Getting the iMessage
      3. Chapter 6: Maps Are Where It’s At
        1. Finding Your Current Location with Maps
        2. Searching
        3. Viewing, Zooming, and Panning
        4. Saving Time with Favorites, Categories, and Recents
    5. Part 3: The Multimedia iPad
      1. Chapter 7: Get in Tune(s): Audio on Your iPad
        1. Introducing Your iPad’s Music Player
        2. Your Music Library
        3. Taking Control of Your Tunes
        4. Customizing Your Audio Experience
        5. Shopping with the iTunes Store App
      2. Chapter 8: iPad Videography
        1. Finding Stuff to Watch
        2. Playing Video
        3. Finding and Working the Video Controls
        4. Watching Video on a Big TV
        5. Restricting Video Usage
        6. Deleting Video from Your iPad
        7. Shooting Your Own Videos
        8. Seeing Is Believing with FaceTime
      3. Chapter 9: Photography on a Larger Scale
        1. Shooting Pictures
        2. Tracking Down Your Pictures
        3. Admiring Your Pictures
        4. Editing and Deleting Photos
        5. Editing Live Photos
        6. More (Not So) Stupid Picture Tricks
        7. Entering the Photo Booth
      4. Chapter 10: Curling Up with a Good iBook
        1. Why E-Books?
        2. Beginning the iBook Story
        3. Reading a Book
        4. Shopping for E-Books
        5. Reading Newspapers and Magazines
    6. Part 4: The iPad at Work
      1. Chapter 11: App-solutely!
        1. Tapping the Magic of Apps
        2. Finding Apps in the App Store
        3. Working with Apps
      2. Chapter 12: People, Places, and Appointments
        1. Working with the Calendar
        2. Adding Calendar Entries
        3. Sifting through Contacts
      3. Chapter 13: Indispensable iPad Utilities
        1. Taking Note of Notes
        2. Remembering with Reminders
        3. Loving the Lock Screen and Navigating Notifications
        4. Punching the Clock
        5. Controlling Smart Appliances
        6. Socializing with Social Media Apps
        7. Sharing Your Connection (Personal Hotspot)
        8. Dropping In on AirDrop
      4. Chapter 14: Taking iPad Controls Siri-ously
        1. Controlling Control Center
        2. Summoning Siri
        3. Figuring Out What to Ask
        4. Correcting Mistakes
        5. Using Dictation
        6. Making Siri Smarter
    7. Part 5: The Undiscovered iPad
      1. Chapter 15: Setting You Straight on Settings
        1. Checking Out the Settings Screen
        2. The New Apple ID Settings
        3. Flying with Sky-High Settings
        4. Controlling Wi-Fi Connections
        5. Getting Fired Up over Bluetooth
        6. Roaming among Cellular Data Options
        7. Managing Notifications
        8. Controlling Control Center
        9. Location, Location, Location Services
        10. Settings for Your Senses
        11. Transactional Settings
        12. Exploring Settings in General
        13. Touch ID & Passcode
        14. Promoting Harmony through Family Sharing
        15. Settings for Social Media
        16. Find My iPad
      2. Chapter 16: When Good iPads Go Bad
        1. Resuscitating an iPad with Issues
        2. Problems with Networks
        3. Sync, Computer, or iTunes Issues
        4. More Help on the Apple Website
        5. If Nothing We Suggest Helps
        6. Dude, Where’s My Stuff?
      3. Chapter 17: Accessorize Your iPad
        1. Accessories from Apple
        2. Listening and Talking
        3. Listening with Speakers
        4. Wrapping Your iPad in Third-Party Cases
        5. Standing Up Your iPad
    8. Part 6: The Part of Tens
      1. Chapter 18: Ten Appetizing and Free Apps
        1. TripCase
        2. Shazam
        3. Flipboard
        4. Movies by Flixster
        5. IMDb Movies & TV
        6. Netflix
        7. Comixology
        8. Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List
        9. Evernote
        10. Pandora Radio
      2. Chapter 19: Ten Apps Worth Paying For
        1. Bill Atkinson PhotoCard
        2. Words with Friends — Best Game
        3. ArtStudio — Draw and Paint
        4. Pinball Crystal Caliburn II
        5. Art Authority for iPad
        6. Solar Walk
        7. Action Movie FX
        8. Facetune 2 for iPad
        9. Dark Sky Weather
        10. Parallels Access
    9. About the Authors
    10. Connect with Dummies
    11. End User License Agreement