Chapter 7

Expanding Your iPad Horizons with Apps


Bullet Exploring and getting senior-recommended apps in the App Store

Bullet Organizing your apps on Home screens and in folders

Bullet Deleting apps you no longer need

Bullet Updating apps

Bullet Customizing individual app settings

Some apps (short for applications), such as Files and Music, come preinstalled on your iPad. But you can choose from a world of other apps out there for your iPad — some for free (such as USA Today) and some for a price (typically, ranging from 99 cents to about $10, though some can top out at much steeper prices).

Apps range from games to financial tools (such as loan calculators) to apps that help you when you’re planning an exercise regimen or taking a trip. Still more apps are developed for use by private entities, such as hospitals and government agencies.

In this chapter, I suggest some apps that you may want to check out, explain how to use the App Store feature of your iPad to find, purchase, and download apps, and ...

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