Chapter 3

Managing the iPad Classroom

In This Chapter

arrow Looking at alternative models for managing devices

arrow Reviewing alternatives for managing content

arrow Exploring the role of e-mail and printing in establishing workflows

arrow Creating manageable classroom workflows

If you’re lucky, you have an IT professional who has been trained in device management and takes care of it for you. If so, you can happily skip to the next chapter, knowing that, at least in this instance, ignorance is bliss. Unfortunately, it’s more likely that you’re at a school that’s dealing with a patchwork of misunderstood solutions — some of which work and some of which don’t, with others that are so confusing, nobody understands what to do. If that’s the case, welcome! This chapter is for you.

This chapter provides an overview of the issues that affect device management:

check.png Models of management that address different-size deployments and the degree of centralized management that is required

Options for device configuration, ...

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