Chapter 4

Tap Dancing with Your iPad’s Apps

In This Chapter

arrow Communicating with e-mail on your iPad

arrow Surfing the web

arrow Using the built-in camera to take photos and video

arrow Getting and reading e-books

arrow Organizing your contacts and calendar

arrow Browsing through the apps that came with your iPad

You’ve just brought home that shiny, sleek new iPad from the store. It’s crammed full of apps that let you start surfing the Internet, take photos and video, e-mail, video-chat, watch movies, read books, and more. It’s there waiting for you . . . as soon as you master a few basics about using your iPad’s apps. It’s all really very easy. It’s just that we start at such a huge disadvantage. After all, we’re adults.

Children pull the device out of the box, power it up, and start using it instantly. They’re so tech-savvy, it’s almost as if they were using technology in utero. Adults? In the best-case scenario, ...

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