Chapter 6

Finding and Organizing Content

In This Chapter

arrow Googling for information on your iPad

arrow Filing web pages for later reading

arrow Tagging, highlighting, and annotating web content

arrow Creating a custom digital news magazine

arrow Using a digital notebook for creating and storing information

We used to live in a world where information was controlled and released to us by news media, book publishers, and even schools and teachers. The majority of what we learned in school was determined by authorities who set curriculum and selected textbooks. But now, the Internet — a technology most of us hadn’t even heard of just 20 years ago — has completely revolutionized information access.

Many argue that it has democratized the methods in which information is published and accessed. Anyone can post information online and or even write and publish e-books. We don’t have to wait until the evening news or the morning paper to get the latest world news. It’s already been reported the instant it happens — ...

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