Chapter 23

Ten Essential Apps for the Educator’s Toolkit

In This Chapter

arrow Finding productivity apps

arrow Exploring reference apps

arrow Putting utility apps to work

arrow Probing professional development apps

arrow Keeping up to date with news apps

What’s necessary — or essential — for someone living in the Arctic is different from what’s needed by someone living on the beach in Tahiti. Okay, they’re both likely to eat a lot of fish, but that’s about as similar as it gets. The same principle applies when selecting a list of “essential” apps. Not the fish — the fact that a high-school algebra teacher is likely to have very different academic needs than a second-grade teacher. So before you shoot off that “Why on Earth would I need that app?” e-mail, let me explain that I’m listing apps that have widespread general usage and enable you to accomplish tasks that might otherwise be more difficult.

In this chapter I list and summarize helpful apps according to their category of usage: productivity, reference, ...

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