iPad Made Simple

Book description

On the Way to the Web: The Secret History of the Internet and Its Founders is an absorbing chronicle of the inventive, individualistic, and often cantankerous individuals who set the Internet free. Michael A. Banks describes how the online population created a new culture and turned a new frontier into their vision of the future.

This book will introduce you to the innovators who laid the foundation for the Internet and the World Wide Web, the man who invented online chat, and the people who invented the products all of us use online every day. Learn where, when, how and why the Internet came into being, and exactly what hundreds of thousands of people were doing online before the Web. See who was behind it all, and what inspired them.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents at a Glance
  6. Contents
  7. About the Authors
  8. About the Technical Reviewer
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. Part I: Quick Start Guide
    1. Quick Start Guide
      1. Learning Your Way Around
        1. Keys, Buttons, and Switches
        2. Locking the Screen
        3. Starting Apps and Using Soft Keys
        4. Menus, Submenus, and Switches
        5. Reading the Connectivity Status Icons
        6. Traveling with your iPad—Airplane Mode and Wi-Fi
      2. Touch Screen Basics
        1. Touch Screen Gestures
      3. Touching and Flicking
      4. Swiping
        1. Scrolling
        2. Double-Tapping
        3. Pinching
        4. Two-Finger Twist
      5. App Reference Tables
        1. Getting Started
        2. Stay Organized
        3. Be Entertained
        4. Stay Informed
        5. Network Socially
        6. Be Productive
      6. Other Fun Stuff
        1. iPad as Electronic Picture Frame
        2. Navigating Around Your Music and Video Player
        3. Watching Videos in Web Pages
      7. iPad Accessories
        1. Apple Keyboards
        2. Apple iPad Dock
        3. Apple Camera Connection Kit
        4. VGA Adapter Cable
  11. Part II: Introduction
    1. Introduction
      1. Congratulations on Your iPad!
      2. Getting the Most Out of iPad Made Simple
      3. How This Book Is Organized
        1. Day in the Life of an iPad User
        2. Part 1: Quick Start Guide
        3. Part 2: Introduction
        4. Part 3: You and Your iPad …
        5. Part 4: iPad's Soulmate: iTunes
      4. Quickly Locating Tips, Cautions, and Notes
      5. Free iPad E-mail Tips
  12. Part III: You and Your iPad …
    1. Chapter 1: Getting Started
      1. Setting Up your iPad
        1. Charging Your iPad and Battery Tips
        2. Your iPad Activation May Have Been Done at the Retail Store
        3. Slide to Unlock
      2. iTunes and Your iPad
        1. Install or Upgrade iTunes on Your Computer
        2. Connecting Your iPad to iTunes the First Time
        3. Start up iTunes
        4. Registering or Activating your iPad the First Time
        5. Register Your iPad Without an Apple ID in iTunes
        6. Apple's MobileMe Sync Service
        7. Set Up Your iPad
        8. Setup or Restore from Backup
        9. Setup Complete: The iPad Summary Screen
      3. Maintaining Your iPad
        1. Cleaning Your iPad Screen
        2. Cases and Protective Covers for Your iPad
        3. Where to Buy Your Covers
        4. What to Buy …
      4. iPad Basics
        1. Powering On/Off and Sleep/Wake
        2. The Home Button
        3. Double-Clicking the Home Button
        4. Volume Keys
        5. Stopping the Screen Rotation Using Screen Rotation Lock Switch
        6. Adjust or Disable the Auto-Lock Time Out Feature
        7. Adjusting the Date and Time
        8. Setting Your Time Zone
        9. Adjusting the Brightness
    2. Chapter 2: Typing Tips, Copy/Paste & Search
      1. Typing on Your iPad
        1. Typing on the Screen with the Portrait Keyboard
        2. Typing on the Screen with the Larger Landscape Keyboard
        3. Typing with External Keyboards (Purchase as Separate Accessories)
        4. Saving Time with Auto-Correction
      2. Accessibility Options
        1. Getting Your iPad to Speak To You (VoiceOver)
        2. Using Zoom to Magnify the Entire Screen
        3. White on Black
        4. Triple-Click Home Button Options
      3. Magnifying Glass for Editing Text/Placing the Cursor
      4. Typing Numbers and Symbols
        1. Touch and Slide Trick
        2. Press and Hold Keyboard Shortcut for Typing Symbols and More
      5. Keyboard Options & Settings
        1. Auto-Correction ON / OFF
        2. Auto-Capitalization
        3. Enable Caps Lock
        4. “.” Shortcut
        5. Typing In Other Languages—International Keyboards
      6. Copy and Paste
        1. Selecting Text with Double-Tap
        2. Selecting Text with Two Finger Touch
        3. Selecting Web Site or Other Non-Editable Text with Touch and Hold
        4. Cut or Copy the Text
        5. To Paste the Text
        6. To Paste Text or an Image Into Another Icon
        7. Shake to Undo Paste or Typing
      7. Finding Things with Spotlight Search
        1. Activating Spotlight Search
    3. Chapter 3: Sync Your iPad with iTunes
      1. Before You Set Up Your iTunes Sync
        1. Prerequisites Before You Sync
        2. Can I Sync iTunes with Another iPhone, iPod touch, or iPod and My iPad?
        3. There Are Other Sync Options (MobileMe and Exchange/Google)—Should I Use iTunes?
        4. Considering Other Sync Options
      2. Setup Your iTunes Sync
        1. The iPad Summary Screen (Manually Manage Music, Update, Restore, and More)
        2. Getting to the Sync Setup Screen (Info Tab)
        3. Contacts Sync Setup
        4. Calendar Sync Setup
        5. Sync E-mail Account Settings
        6. Sync Web Browser Bookmarks and Notes
      3. Syncing Your iPad with iTunes
        1. Keeping Track of the Sync
        2. Handling Sync Conflicts
        3. Cancelling the Sync in Progress
        4. Why Might I Not Want to Use iTunes Automatic Sync?
        5. Manually Stopping the Auto Sync Before It Starts
        6. Turning Off the Auto Sync Permanently
        7. Getting a Clean Start with the Sync
      4. Apps: Sync and Manage Them
        1. Sync Apps in iTunes
        2. Move Around or Delete Apps Using the Icons
        3. Delete or Re-install Apps from the List of Icons
      5. File Sharing (File Transfer) iPad with Computer
        1. Copying Files from Your Computer to Your iPad
        2. Copying Files from Your iPad to Your Computer
      6. Music—Sync Automatically
      7. Movies—Sync Automatically
      8. TV Shows—Sync Automatically
      9. Podcasts—Sync Automatically
      10. iTunes U—Sync Automatically
      11. Books and Audiobooks—Sync Automatically
      12. Photos—Automatically Sync
      13. How You Know What Is New or Unplayed in iTunes
      14. Manually Transferring Music, Movies, Podcasts, and More on Your iPad (Drag-and-Drop Method)
      15. Troubleshooting iTunes and the Sync
        1. Check Out the Apple Knowledgebase for Helpful Articles
        2. iTunes Locked Up and Will Not Respond (Windows Computer)
        3. iTunes Locked Up and Will Not Respond (Mac Computer)
      16. Update Your iPad Operating System
    4. Chapter 4: Wi-Fi and 3G Connections
      1. What Can I Do When I'm Connected to a Wi-Fi or 3G Network?
      2. Wi-Fi Connections
        1. Setting Up Your Wi-Fi Connection
        2. Secure Wi-Fi Networks—Entering a Password
        3. Switching to a Different Wi-Fi Network
        4. Verifying Your Wi-Fi Connection
      3. Advanced Wi-Fi Options (Hidden or Undiscoverable Networks)
        1. Why Can't I See the Wi-Fi Network I want to Join?
        2. Reconnecting to Previously Joined Wi-Fi Networks
      4. 3G Cellular Data Connection
        1. Setting Up Your 3G Connection
        2. Adding an International Data Plan
        3. Monitoring Your Cellular Data Usage and Changing Your Plan
      5. Airplane Mode – Turn Off 3G and Wi-Fi
    5. Chapter 5: Moving, Docking, and Deleting Icons
      1. Moving Icons to the Bottom Dock—Docking Them
        1. Starting the Move
      2. Moving Icons to a Different Icon Page
      3. Deleting Icons
      4. Resetting All Your Icon Locations (Factory Defaults)
    6. Chapter 6: Personalize & Secure Your iPad
      1. Changing your Lock Screen and Home Screen Wallpapers
        1. Changing Wallpaper from your Settings
        2. Change Wallpaper from any Picture
      2. Download Great Wallpaper from Free Apps
        1. Downloading the Wallpaper from the Free App
        2. Selecting the Downloaded Wallpaper
      3. Adjusting Sounds on your iPad
      4. Personalize Your Picture Frame
        1. Starting or Stopping the Picture Frame App
        2. Customizing Your Picture Frame
      5. Keyboard Options
      6. How to Secure Your iPad with a Passcode
        1. Setting a Passcode to Lock Your iPad
        2. Passcode Options: Change Time-Out, Disable Picture Frame, Erase All Data after 10 Attempts
        3. Setting Restrictions
    7. Chapter 7: Playing Music
      1. Your iPad as a Music Player
      2. The iPod App
        1. Playlists View
        2. Creating Playlists on the iPad
        3. Searching for Music
      3. Changing the View in the iPod App
        1. Artists View
        2. Songs View
        3. Albums View
        4. Genres
        5. Composers
      4. Viewing Songs in an Album
      5. Playing Your Music
        1. Pausing and Playing
        2. To Play the Previous or Next Song
        3. Adjusting the Volume
        4. Double-Click the Home Button for iPod Controls
        5. Repeating, Shuffling, Moving around in a Song
        6. Moving to Another Part of a Song
        7. Repeat One Song and Repeat All Songs in Playlist or Album
        8. Shuffle
        9. Genius
        10. Now Playing
        11. Viewing Other Songs on the Album
      6. Adjusting Music Settings
        1. Using Sound Check (Auto Volume Adjust)
        2. EQ (Sound Equalizer Setting)
        3. Volume Limit (Safely Listen to Music at Reasonable Volumes)
      7. Showing Music Controls When in Another Application
        1. Showing Music Controls When Your iPad is Locked
      8. Listening to Free Internet Radio (Pandora)
        1. Getting Started with Pandora
        2. Pandora's Main Screen
        3. Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down in Pandora
        4. Pandora's Menu
        5. Creating a New Station in Pandora
        6. Adjusting Pandora's Settings—Your Account, Upgrade and More
    8. Chapter 8: iBooks and E-Books
      1. Download iBooks
      2. The iBooks Store
        1. Using the Search Window
      3. Reading iBooks
        1. Customizing Your Reading Experience: Brightness, Fonts, and Font Sizes
        2. Grow Your Vocabulary Using the Built-in Dictionary
        3. Setting an In-Page Bookmark
        4. Using Search
      4. Deleting Books
      5. Other E-Book Readers: Kindle and Kobo
        1. Download E-Reader Apps
        2. Kindle Reader
        3. Kobo Reader
    9. Chapter 9: Viewing Videos, TV Shows, & More
      1. Your iPad as a Video Player
      2. Loading Videos onto Your iPad
      3. Watching Videos on the iPad
        1. Video Categories
      4. Playing a Movie
        1. To Pause or Access Controls
        2. Fast-Forward or Rewind the Video
        3. Using the Time Slider Bar
        4. Changing the Size of the Video (Widescreen vs. Full Screen)
        5. Using the Chapters Feature
        6. Viewing the Chapters
      5. Watching a TV Show
      6. Watching Podcasts
      7. Watching Music Videos
      8. Video Options
        1. Start Playing Option
        2. Closed Captioned
        3. TV-Out: Widescreen
        4. TV Signal
      9. Deleting Videos
      10. YouTube on your iPad
        1. Searching for Videos
        2. Using the Bottom Icons
        3. Playing Videos
        4. Video Controls
        5. Checking and Clearing your History
        6. Netflix on the iPad
      11. Watching Other TV Shows
    10. Chapter 10: Bluetooth on the iPad
      1. Understanding Bluetooth
        1. Bluetooth Devices that Work with the iPad
      2. Pairing with a Bluetooth Device
        1. Turn On Bluetooth
        2. Pairing with Headphones or any Bluetooth Device
      3. Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP)
        1. Connect to a Stereo Bluetooth Device
      4. Disconnect or Forget a Bluetooth Device
    11. Chapter 11: Surf the Web with Safari
      1. Web Browsing on the iPad
        1. An Internet Connection Is Required
        2. Launching the Web Browser
        3. Layout of Safari Web Browser Screen
        4. Typing a Web Address
        5. Moving Between Web Pages when the Back Button Doesn't Work
        6. Jumping to the Top of the Web Page
        7. E-mail a Web Page
        8. How to Print a Web Page
      2. Adding Bookmarks
        1. Using Your Bookmarks
      3. Add a Web Page Icon to Your Home Screen
        1. Browsing from Web History
        2. Adding Folders, Editing and Deleting Bookmarks
      4. Using the New Pages Button
      5. Zooming In and Out in Web Pages
      6. Activating Links from Web Pages
      7. Adjusting Browser Settings
        1. Changing the Search Engine
        2. Adjusting Security Options
        3. Speed Up Your Browser: Clear History and Cookies
        4. AutoFill Name, Password, E-mail, Address, and More
      8. Save or Copy Text and Graphics from a Web Site
      9. Using Browsing History to Save Time and Find Sites
    12. Chapter 12: E-mail
      1. Getting Started with E-mail
        1. A Network Connection Is Required
      2. Setting up E-mail on the iPad
        1. Entering Passwords for E-mail Accounts Synced from iTunes
        2. Set up Your E-mail Accounts on the iPad
      3. Navigating Around Your Mail
        1. The Two Views of E-mail
        2. Moving Between Your Mail Folders and Accounts
      4. Compose and Send E-mail
        1. Composing a New E-mail Message
        2. Addressing Your Message - Choose the Recipients
        3. Changing the E-mail Account to Send from
        4. Typing a Subject
        5. Typing Your Message
        6. Keyboard Options
        7. Send Your E-mail
        8. Checking Sent Messages
        9. Reading and Replying to Mail
        10. Zooming In or Out
      5. E-mail Attachments
        1. Knowing When You Have an Attachment
        2. Receiving an Auto-open Attachment
        3. Opening E-mail Attachments
        4. Cannot Open E-mail Attachments
      6. Reply, Forward or Delete a Message
        1. Replying to an E-mail
        2. Using Reply All
        3. Using the Forward Button
      7. Cleaning up Your Inbox
        1. Deleting a Single Message
        2. Deleting or Moving Several Messages from Any Folder
        3. Deleting from the Message Screen
        4. Moving an E-mail to a Folder While Viewing It
      8. Copy and Paste from an E-mail
      9. Searching for E-mail Messages
        1. Activating E-mail Search
      10. Fine Tune Your E-mail Settings
        1. Adjusting Your Mail Settings
        2. Changing Your E-mail Signature
        3. Changing Your Default Mail Account (Sent From)
        4. Toggling Sounds for Receiving and Sending E-mail
        5. Advanced E-mail Options
        6. Automatically Retrieve E-mail (Fetch New Data)
      11. Troubleshooting E-mail Problems
        1. E-mail Isn't Being Received or Sent
        2. Verify your Mail Account Settings
    13. Chapter 13: Working with Contacts
      1. Loading Your Contacts onto the iPad
      2. When Is Your Contact List Most Useful?
        1. Two Simple Rules to Improve Your Contact List
      3. Adding a New Contact Right on Your iPad
        1. Start the Contacts App
        2. Adding a New Phone Number
        3. Adding an E-mail Address and Web Site
        4. Adding the Address
      4. Adding a Photo to Contacts
      5. Searching Your Contacts
        1. Quickly Jump to a Letter by Tapping and Sliding on the Alphabet
        2. Search by Flicking
        3. Search Using Groups
      6. Adding Contacts from E-mails
      7. Sending a Picture to a Contact
      8. Sending an E-mail Message from Contacts
      9. Showing Your Contacts Addresses on the Map
      10. Changing your Contact Sort Order and Display Order
        1. Searching for Global Address List (GAL) Contacts
      11. Contact Troubleshooting
        1. When Global Address List Contacts Don't Show up (For Microsoft Exchange Users)
    14. Chapter 14: Your Calendar
      1. Manage Your Busy Life on Your iPad
        1. Today's Day and Date Shown on Calendar Icon
        2. Syncing or Sharing Your Calendar(s) with Your iPad
        3. Viewing Your Schedule and Getting Around
        4. The Calendar's Four Views
        5. Working with Several Calendars
      2. Adding New Calendar Appointments/Events
        1. Adding a New Appointment
        2. Recurring Events and Alerts (Alarms)
        3. Choosing Which Calendar to Use
        4. Switching an Event to a Different Calendar
        5. Adding Notes to Calendar Events
      3. Editing Appointments
        1. Deleting an Event
      4. Meeting Invitations
      5. Calendar Options
        1. Changing the Default Calendar
    15. Chapter 15: Working with Photos
      1. How to Get Photos onto Your iPad
        1. Using Your iPad as an Electronic Picture Frame
      2. Viewing Your Photos
        1. Launch from the Photos Icon
        2. Choose a Library
        3. Preview an Album by Pinching Open
      3. Working with Individual Pictures
        1. Move Between Pictures
        2. Use the Thumbnail Bar to Move Between Pictures
      4. Zooming in and Out of Pictures
        1. Double-Tapping
        2. Pinching
      5. Viewing a Slideshow
        1. Adjusting Slideshow Options
      6. Using a Picture as Your iPad Wallpaper
      7. E-mailing a Picture
      8. E-mail, Copy, or Delete Several Pictures At Once
      9. Assign a Picture to a Contact
        1. Deleting a Picture
      10. Downloading Pictures from Web Sites
        1. Find a Picture to Download
    16. Chapter 16: Maps
      1. Getting Started with Maps
        1. Determining Your Location (the Blue Dot)
      2. Various Map Views
        1. Changing Your Map Views
        2. Checking Traffic
      3. Search for Anything
      4. Mapping Options
        1. Working with Bookmarks
        2. Accessing and Editing Your Bookmarks
        3. Add a Mapped Location to Contacts
        4. Searching for Things (Stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Movies, Anything) Around Your Location
        5. Zooming In and Out
        6. Dropping a Pin
        7. Using Street View
      5. Getting Directions
        1. Tap the Current Location Button First
        2. Choose Start or End location
        3. Looking at the Route
        4. Switching between Driving, Transit, and Walking Directions
        5. Reversing the Route
      6. Maps Options
      7. Using the Digital Compass
        1. Calibrating and Using the Digital Compass
    17. Chapter 17: Eliminate Your Paper Notes
      1. Exploring Notes Apps
        1. The Notes App
        2. Getting Started with Notes
        3. How Are My Notes Sorted?
        4. Adding a New Note
        5. Adding a Title to the Note
        6. Viewing or Editing Your Notes
        7. Editing Your Notes
        8. Deleting Notes
        9. Emailing a Note
      2. Another Note App: Evernote
        1. Getting Started with Evernote
        2. Adding and Tagging Notes
        3. Adding a Voice Recording to Your Evernote
        4. Adding a Picture from Your Library to Your Evernote
        5. Emailing or Editing a Note in Evernote
        6. Various Views of Evernotes
        7. The Evernote Places View
        8. Evernote Viewing Options
        9. Evernote Synchronization and Settings
        10. Viewing or Updating Evernotes on Your Computer or Other Mobile Device
    18. Chapter 18: iWork: Productivity on Your iPad
      1. Downloading iWork
      2. Creating Documents with iWork Pages Word Processor
        1. Using Pages for the First Time
        2. Choose a Template
        3. Working With Tools and Styles
        4. Navigator
      3. Numbers Spreadsheet
        1. Using Numbers for the First Time
        2. Choosing a Template
        3. Using the Toolbar in Numbers
        4. Editing Cells, Charts, and Graphs
        5. Working with Tables
      4. Keynote Presentations
        1. Using Keynote for the First Time
        2. Choosing a Template
        3. Using the Toolbar in Keynote
      5. Sharing your Work
        1. Send via Mail
        2. Share via iWork
        3. Printing a File
        4. Faxing a File via E-Fax Service
        5. Export a File
        6. File Sharing
    19. Chapter 19: iTunes on Your iPad
      1. Getting Started with iTunes on the iPad
        1. A Network Connection Is Required
        2. Starting iTunes
        3. Navigating iTunes
      2. Finding Music with Featured, Top Charts, and Genius
        1. Top Charts –the Popular Stuff
        2. Genres – Types of Music
        3. Browsing for Videos (Movies)
        4. Finding TV Shows
        5. Audiobooks in iTunes
      3. iTunes U – Great Educational Content
      4. Download for Offline Viewing
      5. Searching iTunes
      6. Purchasing or Renting Music, Videos, Podcasts, and More
        1. Previewing Music
        2. Check out Customer Reviews
        3. Previewing a Video, TV Show, or Music Video
        4. Purchasing a Song, Video, or Other Item
      7. Podcasts in iTunes
        1. Downloading a Podcast
        2. The Download Icon – Stopping and Deleting Downloads
        3. Where the Downloads Go
      8. Redeeming an iTunes Gift Card
    20. Chapter 20: The Amazing App Store
      1. Learning More About Apps and the App Store
        1. App Store Facts and Figures
        2. Where to Find Apps News and Reviews
      2. App Store Basics
        1. A Network Connection Is Required
        2. Starting the App Store
        3. The App Store Home Page
        4. Viewing App Details
      3. Finding an App to Download
        1. View What's Hot
        2. Using Categories
        3. Looking at the Top Charts
        4. Searching for an App
      4. Downloading an App
        1. Finding Free or Discounted Apps
      5. Maintaining and Updating Your Apps
    21. Chapter 21: Games and Fun
      1. The iPad As a Gaming Device
        1. Where to Get Games and Fun Apps
        2. Read Reviews Before You Buy
        3. Look for Free Trials or Lite Versions
        4. Be Careful When You Play
        5. Two Player Games
        6. Online and Wireless Games
        7. Playing Music with Your iPad
        8. Other Fun Stuff: Baseball on the iPad
    22. Chapter 22: Social Networking
      1. Phone Calls and More with Skype
        1. Download the Skype App to Your iPad
        2. Create Your Skype Account on Your iPad
        3. Login to the Skype App
        4. Finding and Adding Skype Contacts
        5. Making Calls With Skype on Your iPad
        6. Receiving Calls with Skype on your iPad
        7. Chatting with Skype
        8. Skype on your Computer - Create Account and Download Software
      2. Facebook
        1. Different Ways to Connect to Facebook
        2. The Facebook App
      3. LinkedIn
        1. LinkedIn.com on the Safari Browser
        2. LinkedIn App
      4. Twitter
      5. Making a Twitter Account
      6. Twitter Options for the iPad
        1. Download Twitter App
        2. Starting the Twitter App for the First Time
        3. Using TweetDeck
        4. Add Column
        5. Reading and Replying
        6. Using Twitterific
        7. Refresh
        8. Profile
        9. Compose
        10. Account Button
        11. Options from Within Tweet
    23. Chapter 23: New Media: Reading Newspapers, Magazines, and More
      1. Newspapers on the iPad
        1. Enter the iPad Interactive Newspaper
        2. Popular Choices: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today
      2. Magazines on the iPad
        1. Navigating Around Time Magazine
        2. Zinio Magazine App – A Sampler
      3. Comic Books on the iPad
      4. The iPad as a PDF Reader
        1. Transferring Files to your iPad
        2. Connecting to Google Docs and other Servers with GoodReader
    24. Chapter 24: Other Sync Methods
      1. Wireless Sync of Your Google or Exchange Information
        1. Why do we say Google/Exchange?
        2. Set Up your iPad to Access Your Google or Exchange Account
        3. Working With the Google or Exchange Contacts and Calendar on your iPad
      2. Wireless Sync Using the MobileMe Service
        1. Sign up for the MobileMe Service (PC or Mac)
        2. Set Up MobileMe on Your Mac
        3. Set Up MobileMe on Your Windows PC
        4. Set Up Your iPad to Access Your MobileMe Account
        5. Using MobileMe After Setup
        6. How to Cancel Your MobileMe Account
    25. Chapter 25: Troubleshooting
      1. Basic Troubleshooting
        1. What to Do If the iPad Stops Responding
        2. How to Hard-Reset Your iPad
        3. How to Soft-Reset Your iPad
      2. No Sound in Music or Video
      3. If You Can't Make Purchases from iTunes or the App Store
      4. Advanced Troubleshooting
        1. Re-register with Your iTunes Account
      5. iPad Does Not Show Up in iTunes
      6. Synchronization Problems
      7. Reinstalling the iPad Operating System (With or Without a Restore)
      8. Additional Troubleshooting and Help Resources
        1. On-Device iPad User Guide
        2. Check out the Apple Knowledgebase for Helpful Articles
        3. iPad-Related Blogs
  13. Part IV iPad's Soulmate: iTunes
    1. Chapter 26: Your iTunes User Guide
      1. The iTunes User Guide Contents
      2. What iTunes Can Do
      3. Common Questions about iTunes
      4. The iTunes Guided Tour
        1. Apple Video Tutorials for iTunes
      5. Changing Views in iTunes
        1. List View
        2. Grid View
        3. Cover Flow View
      6. Playing Songs, Videos and More
      7. Finding Things in iTunes
        1. Ways to Search iTunes
      8. Creating a New Playlist
        1. Creating a Normal Playlist
      9. Creating a New Smart Playlist
        1. Edit a Smart Playlist
      10. The iTunes Genius Feature
        1. Creating Genius Mixes and Playlists
        2. The Genius Sidebar
        3. Turn Off Genius
        4. Update Genius
      11. The Home Sharing Feature
        1. Filtering a Home Shared Library to Only Show Items Not in Your Library
        2. Two Types of Shared Libraries
        3. Importing Shared Content to Your Library
        4. To Toggle Home Sharing Off or On
        5. Troubleshooting Home Sharing
      12. Create an iTunes Account
      13. Sign Into the iTunes Store
        1. How to Know If You're ‘Logged In’ to the Store
        2. Getting to the iTunes Store
      14. Buy or Get Free Media from the iTunes Store
        1. Browse Store by Genre
        2. Making Sure All Items Are Downloaded
      15. Redeeming an iTunes Gift Card
      16. Import Music CDs
      17. Import Movies from DVDs
      18. Getting Album Artwork
      19. Authorize and Deauthorize Computers to Play iTunes Media
      20. Getting iTunes Software
        1. Determining Your Windows or Mac Computer Operating System Version
        2. How to Start the iTunes Installation
        3. The iTunes Installation Screens for a Windows PC
        4. iTunes Installation Screens for a Mac
      21. Getting iTunes Updated
      22. iTunes Troubleshooting
        1. What to Do If the iTunes Auto Update Fails
      23. How Do I Get My Music Back if My Computer Crashes?
  14. Index

Product information

  • Title: iPad Made Simple
  • Author(s): Martin Trautschold, Gary Mazo
  • Release date: June 2010
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781430231295