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Accessorizing Your iPad mini

Anyone who has purchased a new car in recent years is aware that it's not always a picnic trying to escape the showroom without the salesperson trying to get you to part with a few extra bucks. You can only imagine what the markup is on roof racks, navigation systems, and rear-seat DVD players.

We don't suppose you'll get a hard sell when you snap up a new iPad mini at an Apple Store (or elsewhere). But Apple and several other companies are all too happy to outfit whichever iPad mini model you choose with extra doodads, from wireless keyboards and stands to battery chargers and carrying cases. So just as your car might benefit from dealer (or third-party) options, so too might your iPad mini benefit from a variety of spare parts.


The first-generation iPad mini used the 30-pin dock connector. If you own one, you also know that a bevy of accessories fit perfectly into that dock connector. Heck, you might even try to plug the ...

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