There are many reasons behind the success of the iPad and the iPad mini, as well as their smaller cousins, the iPhone and iPod touch. However, if you polled fans of these devices, I bet one reason would quickly bubble up to the top spot: the touch interface. It’s slick, elegant, and just so easy: a tap here, a tap there, and away you go.

Using the iPad or iPad mini touch interface is like playing in one of those seaside areas where the water is only a couple of feet deep no matter where you go; you can still have all kinds of fun, but you never have to swim hard and there’s little chance of drowning. However, if you walk out far enough in many of those ocean areas, you suddenly come to the edge of an underwater shelf, where the sandy bottom gives way to the inky ocean depths.

Your tablet, too, has its unexplored depths: hidden settings, obscure features, out-of-the-way preferences, and little-known techniques. The usefulness of some of these features is debatable, at best, but many of them can help you work faster, more easily, and more efficiently. Rather than swimming blindly through the murky waters of your tablet’s deep end, you might consider making an appointment with your local Apple Store’s Genius Bar. More often than not, the on-duty genius can give you good advice on how to get more out of your iPad or iPad mini investment.

The Genius Bar is a great thing, but it isn’t always convenient. You usually have to make an appointment, drag yourself ...

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