Chapter 11How Do I Manage Contacts?

One of life’s paradoxes is that as your contact information becomes more important, you store less of it in the easiest database system of all — your memory. Instead of memorizing phone numbers, you now store them electronically. This is because it’s no longer just a landline number that you have to remember for each person — there’s also a cell number, an e-mail or website address, and more. That’s a lot, so it makes sense to go the electronic route. For the iPad and iPad mini, electronic means Contacts, which is loaded with useful features to help you organize your contacts.


Syncing Your Contacts

Although you can certainly add contacts directly on your iPad or iPad mini — and I show you how to do just that a bit later in this chapter — adding, editing, grouping, and deleting contacts is a lot easier on a computer. A good way to approach contacts is to manage them on your Mac or PC, and then sync your contacts with your tablet.

note.epsThe version of iTunes that comes with OS X Mavericks does not support syncing contacts accounts directly between iTunes and an iPad or iPad mini. Instead, you must configure your Mac to sync this data to your iCloud account, and then configure your tablet to have this data synced from your iCloud account. See Chapter 4 ...

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