Part IV

The Internet iPhone


The commercials for the iPhone used to say that it provides you with the real Internet — and, for the most part, it does. This part looks at the Internet components of your phone, starting with a chapter covering the best web browser ever to grace a handheld device, Safari. We reveal how to take advantage of links and bookmarks and how to open multiple web pages at the same time. We show you how to run a web search on an iPhone. And we spend time discussing EDGE, 3G, and Wi-Fi — the wireless networks that are compatible with the device.

Then we visit the Mail program and see how easy it is to set up e-mail accounts and send and receive real honest-to-goodness e-mail messages and attachments.

Finally, we examine four superb web-enabled applications. In Maps and in Compass, you discover your location and orientation, determine the businesses and restaurants you’d like to visit, get driving directions and the traffic en route, and take advantage of the iPhone’s capability to find you. In Weather, you get the forecast for the city you live in and those you plan on visiting. And in Stocks, you get the lowdown on how well the equities in your portfolio are performing.


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