Book III

Communications Central: Calls, Messages, and the Web


Impatient readers will probably open this minibook first — caught you, didn’t we? Each of the next four chapters focuses on an aspect of communications. Chapter 1 shows you how to make phone calls with your iPhone. You might be thinking, “How hard can that be?” It’s not difficult, but there’s a difference between making simple phone calls and using all of your iPhone’s phone-calling features, such as FaceTime video calls and voice-controlled dialing. Chapter 2 is all about messaging. We explain how to send both SMS and MMS messages and manage them, and we tell you how they differ too. We show you how to use iMessages to send words and images to your other iOS and Mac friends across Wi-Fi and cellular data network without cutting into your SMS allowance. Wax your (key)board because the third chapter is an invitation to a web surfin’ Safari. We present an in-depth study of navigating the web on your iPhone and managing the websites you use most often with bookmarks and web apps. Chapter 4 explains Mail: how to set up an e-mail account and how to write, send, receive, respond to, and manage e-mail messages. At the end of this minibook, you’ll wonder how you ever communicated without your iPhone.


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