Chapter 2: Acquiring and Browsing Music, Videos, Movies, and More

In This Chapter

check.png Copying media you already own to iTunes

check.png Changing import settings

check.png Browsing, sampling, and buying media with iTunes

check.png Managing and transferring purchases

check.png Tracking down free iTunes promotional music and other goodies

By now, you know that your iPhone isn’t just a great phone: It’s also a fabulous web browser, contact manager, calendar, alarm clock, and a terrific media player. Music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and audiobooks sound and look crisp and clear on your iPhone. You can use HomeSharing to listen to and watch media stored on your Mac on your iPhone, or you can copy media onto your iPhone, which we explain in this chapter.

In this chapter, we first consider media you already own, which you copy to iTunes so that you can then sync it to your iPhone. We then take a closer look at the iTunes store, both on your iPhone and on your computer, and show you the ins and outs of browsing, sampling, and buying ...

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