Chapter 3: Listening to Music and Audio

In This Chapter

check.png Meeting and mastering the Music App

check.png Searching Music for media

check.png Creating Playlists

check.png Controlling music and audiobook playback

check.png Customizing Music’s settings

check.png Listening to podcasts

We’re not anthropologists, but even before humans began to speak, they probably made rhythmic sounds with sticks and rocks or hand clapping. Music seems to be part of our DNA and with your iPhone along, you never find yourself without something to listen to. Then language came along and we haven’t stopped talking since.

In the previous chapter, we wrote about getting media onto your iPhone, either via your computer, from iCloud, or the iTunes Store. In this chapter, we talk about Music, the app you use to listen to music and audiobooks, and Podcasts, Apple’s cool new app, which you use to listen to or watch — you guessed it — podcasts. In Book V, Chapter 4 ...

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