Books, Newspapers, and Magazines

Before we leave the subject of apps and the App Store, we want to tell you how to find, buy, and read books and magazines on your iPhone.

We’ve run into plenty of skeptics who beg the question, “What’s so wrong with paper books, which folks have been reading for centuries, that we now have to go digital?” The short answer is that nothing is wrong with physical books — except maybe that, over the long term, paper is fragile, and books tend to be bulky, a potential impediment for travelers.

On the other hand, when asked why he prefers paper books, Bob likes to drop one from shoulder height and ask, “Can your iPad (or Kindle) do that?”

Having read that, consider the electronic advantages:

check.png Forget weight constraints: You can cart a whole bunch of e-books around when you travel, without breaking your back. To the avid bookworm, this could change the way you read. Because you can carry so many books wherever you go, you can read whatever type of book strikes your fancy at the moment, kind of like listening to a song that fits your current mood. And you’ll always have your reference library in your pocket or purse when you need it.

check.png Switch genres at will: Go for it. Rather immerse yourself in classic literature? Go for that. You might read a textbook, cookbook, ...

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