Setting Up a New iPhone

In this section, you discover how to set up a brand new iPhone.

tip_4c.eps Unless your iPhone is brand spanking new and fresh out of the box, chances are you’ve already performed the steps that follow. If so, please skip ahead to the next section.

That said, here’s how to set up a brand new iPhone:

1. Turn on the iPhone or wake it if it’s sleeping.

An arrow appears near the bottom of the screen, flashing messages in many languages. We’re pretty sure they all say, Slide to Set Up, because that’s what the English rendition says.

2. Swipe the Slide to Set Up arrow to the right.

The first thing you see on your shiny new (or freshly restored) iPhone is the Language Selection screen.

3. Tap the language you want this iPhone to use, and then tap the blue arrow near the top-right of the screen.

The Country or Region screen appears.

4. Tap your country or region, and then tap the blue Next button.

The Choose a Wi-Fi Network screen appears.

5. Tap to choose a Wi-Fi network, type a password if necessary, tap the blue Join button, and then tap the blue Next button.

Tapping Next initiates the activation process, which requires either a Wi-Fi network or your wireless carrier’s cellular network and may take up to five minutes.

warning_4c.eps If neither network is available, you’ll see ...

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