Phoning In More Settings

We cover most of the remaining settings in earlier chapters devoted to e-mail, calendars, music, photos, Safari, and e-mail. Still, we didn’t get to a few other settings — ’til now.


The iCloud settings are where you let iCloud know which of your apps, plus Photo Stream, ought to be turned on or off. You can also check on your storage and iCloud Backup options here, and if worse comes to worst, delete your iCloud account.

warning_4c.eps Consider carefully before deleting your iCloud account. If you do decide to delete your account, all your Photo Stream photos and documents stored in iCloud will be removed from your phone.


In Twitter settings, you can add a new Twitter account and update your contacts so that Twitter uses their e-mail addresses and phone numbers to automatically add their Twitter handles and photos. You also can choose yay or nay on whether you can use various apps with Twitter.


Most of us know Facebook as a great service to help you stay in touch with relatives, associates, and old pals, rekindle those relationships, and make new friends. But some people collect Facebook friends like baseball cards. If it seems like you’re acquainted with all 1 billion or so members of the mammoth social network, we know what you mean.

Fortunately, Apple kindly organizes your Facebook relationships on the iPhone. If you turn on the Calendar and ...

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