Chapter 14 How Do I Fix My iPhone?


The good news about iPhone problems — whether they’re problems with iPhone software or with the actual iPhone — is that they’re relatively rare. On the hardware side, although the iPhone is a sophisticated device that’s really a small computer (not just a fancy phone), it’s far less complex than a full-blown computer, and so far less likely to go south on you. On the software side (and to a lesser extent on the accessories side), app developers (and accessory manufacturers) only have to build their products to work with a single device made by a single company. This really simplifies things, and the result is fewer problems. Not, however, zero problems. Even the iPhone sometimes behaves strangely or not at all. This chapter gives you some general troubleshooting techniques for iPhone woes and also tackles a few specific problems.

General Techniques for Troubleshooting Your iPhone

If your iPhone is behaving oddly or erratically, it’s possible that a specific component inside the phone is the cause. In that case, you don’t have much choice but to ship your iPhone back to Apple for repairs. Fortunately, however, most glitches are temporary and can often be fixed by using one or more of the following techniques:

bullet.tif Restart your iPhone. By far the most ...

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