3G A third-generation cellular network that includes the HSPA, HSPA+, and DC-HSDPA standards. It is supported in iPhone 3G and later models for data delivery over the cellular network.

4G See LTE.

802.11 See Wi-Fi.

accelerometer The component inside the iPhone that senses the phone’s orientation in space and adjusts the display accordingly (such as switching Safari from portrait mode to landscape mode).

access point A networking device that enables two or more devices to connect over a Wi-Fi network and to access a shared Internet connection.

Activation lock An iOS security feature that prevents anyone from activating your iPhone without knowing your Apple ID and password.

AirDrop A service that enables your iPhone to share information such as links, photos, and maps wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection.

Airplane mode An operational mode that turns off the transceivers for the phone, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth features of an iPhone, which puts the phone in compliance with federal aviation regulations.

AirPlay A wireless technology that enables you to stream iPhone video or audio to an Apple TV device and so see or hear that media on your TV or audio receiver.

AirPrint A wireless technology that enables you to send a web page, e-mail message, or other text from your iPhone to a printer.

alert A notification message that pops up on your iPhone screen and must be dealt with before you can resume what you were doing.

app An application that is designed for and runs on a specific ...

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