Chapter 3

Enhancing and Protecting iPhone with Add-ons

In This Chapter

arrow Protecting iPhone with screen protectors and cases

arrow Tuning in to headphone and headset options

arrow Pumping up the volume with external speakers

arrow Touring in-car helper gizmos

Accessories for your iPhone are like jewelry or tablecloths or fancy car mats: They aren't necessary but they enhance the aesthetic aspect and sometimes protect it. (Yes, even jewelry can protect — remember Wonder Woman's bracelets?) iPhone accessories and add-ons cover the gamut from just-for-looks to how-did-I-live-without-this. With every new iPhone Apple releases, new (and usually improved) add-ons and accessories hit the market, too. So instead of trying to cover every possible accessory category and type, we've selected just a few of our favorites to illustrate some of the most popular types of add-ons and accessories for your iPhone.

Let's go shopping!

remember.eps Although many iPhone (and iPod touch) cases, cables, docks, and other accessories may ...

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