Chapter 2

Acquiring and Browsing Music, Videos, Movies, and More

In This Chapter

arrow Matching your existing media

arrow Browsing and sampling

arrow Making your purchases

arrow Tracking down free iTunes promotional music and other goodies

arrow Reading up on iBooks

arrow Learning about iTunes U

Apple sells more than hardware. Ancillary stores provide seemingly endless media to enjoy on your various devices. In this chapter, we introduce you to three of the four media outlets: the iTunes Store, your one-stop shop to download music, movies, TV shows, tones, and audiobooks; iTunes U, which offers a vast catalog of courses from universities around the world; and the iBooks Store, which offers paid and free electronic books from various publishers.

First, we take a close look at the iTunes Store, both on your iPhone and on your computer, and show you the ins and outs of browsing, sampling, and buying media. If you think ...

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