Appendix F

App Store Distribution

In most cases, after your app is ready and tested, you will want to list it on the App Store. Regardless of your pricing strategy (free or paid), every application that is submitted to Apple for distribution via the App Store is subject to an approval process. The approval process takes about a week. Updated versions of an existing application also need to go through an approval process.

To distribute your application via the App Store, you will need a standard, paid, iOS developer account. If you have an enterprise iOS developer account, you cannot distribute your applications through the App Store. Submitting an application to Apple for inclusion in the App Store is a two-stage process. First, you need to create an Application Profile on the iTunes Connect portal, and then you need to submit your application binary with the Xcode Organizer.

Most of the steps involved in the second stage of creating and submitting the application binary are similar to the Ad Hoc distribution process, and these steps are covered only briefly in this appendix.

Creating an Application Profile

To start the App Store submission process, log in to the iTunes Connect portal at with your iOS developer account credentials. Once you have logged in to the portal, click the Manage Your Applications link (Figure F-1).

On this screen you will see all your iOS and MacOS applications. You can either add a new application, or manage one of the ...

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