Chapter 19

Ten Ways to Extend the RoadTrip App

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering some additional features for the RoadTrip app

arrow Making structural improvements to the app

arrow Creating an application ecosystem

Although the example app developed in this book, the RoadTrip app, has the basic structure and features that you would include in a commercial app of this type, you would have some additional tasks to take care of if you intended to make it a commercial application.

Of course, you would have to add more content to the app. But you would also need to add more features, as well as strengthen the basic structure a bit.

In this chapter, I suggest some of the additions you would need to give RoadTrip to make it a commercial success.

Add Preferences

If you go international, roaming charges could make your app prohibitively expensive to use, and the user may want to turn off those features in your app. There are also some features in an app (see “Monitor the Current Location’s Distance from the Destination” ) that the user may want to use only under certain circumstances. To make for happy users, you want to make these (and other optional-able features) preferences, and enable setting preferences ...

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